The curious case of Hendricks vs. Lawler judging


Heading into the final round, Johny Hendricks, Robbier Lawler, both corners, and virtually everyone watching thought Hendricks won the first two rounds, Lawler won 3 and 4, and whoever won the final round was the new UFC welterweight champion.

There was however a notable exception - Judge Doug Crosby.

All three judges score the fight 48-47 for Hendricks, but Crosby got there via an a different path.

Judges Aladin Martinez and Mike Gonzales scored it rounds 1 and 2 for Hendricks, 4 3 and 4 for Lawler, and 5 for Hendricks. However, Crosby saw Round 2 10-8 for Hendricks, and the final round a 10-10 tie.



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TheDeadlyRhythm site profile image  

3/17/14 2:05 PM by TheDeadlyRhythm

Exactly this, there is no way to justify rnd 2 was a 10-8 and 3 and 4 were only 10-9s. Fucking baffles me

TheDeadlyRhythm site profile image  

3/17/14 2:04 PM by TheDeadlyRhythm

Lol I need a source bro I wanna take ur word but gotta be sure haha

jpm995 site profile image  

3/17/14 1:45 PM by jpm995

It's crazy as the 2 rounds [1 &2] Johnny won were razor close but the 2 rounds Robbie won were close to 10-8 rounds, he had him hurt badly.

JunkieDog site profile image  

3/16/14 11:40 PM by JunkieDog

Dong Crosby has serious mental health issues. If I'm not mistaken, one of his relatives is a legal guardian over him... pays his bills, makes his haircut appts., buys his bus pass, makes sure he has his helmet on when he leaves the house... things like that. His scoring and previous threads on here do nothing to make me believe this is NOT true.

TheDeadlyRhythm site profile image  

3/16/14 11:38 PM by TheDeadlyRhythm

Thx man, this guy does look like he'd rather be doin somethin else. Unreal

Jennie Nedell site profile image  

3/16/14 10:33 PM by Jennie Nedell

This guy is a waste of space and it's time he gets cut, how many chances is he gonna get to screw up?!? Bad enough he stalk people as a hobby when he isn't screwing up fight decisions. Time to find another job Crosby. Can't you be a extra in one of your not so famous movies?

Blitzkegel site profile image  

3/16/14 10:26 PM by Blitzkegel

With all due respect, how does him being a cool or funny person have anything to do with what this thread is about - his ability to accurately judge MMA fights on the highest stage?

Rambo John J site profile image  

3/16/14 10:17 PM by Rambo John J

Blatant Fuckery   10-8, 10-10 from the same judge is not even remotely explainable.

TheDeadlyRhythm site profile image  

3/16/14 9:49 PM by TheDeadlyRhythm

Hey man I agree the right guy left with te belt, but it wasn't just one bad score, apparently this guy has a history of trolling score cards, and I'm not bashing him as a human being, I'm bashing his judging skills

Hate420 site profile image  

3/16/14 9:45 PM by Hate420

He's proven time and tine again that he shouldn't be judging. The guy is a disgrace.