Silva would fight Souza or Machida


When teammates both reach the top of a division, a fight between the two sometimes can't be avoid. Recently Lyoto Machida changed his tune and said that he would fight Anderson Silva if necessary to earn the middleweight title, and how Silva has said the same:

That is something that I have always said, about not fighting a training partner, but it isn't reciprocal. Inside Team Nogueira we follow this but Lyoto isn't from Team Nogueira and neither is Jacare then it's a vague situation. In all their interviews they said clearly that they would fight me so I can't think differently. I don't want to fight a friend, mainly Lyoto, but if I in the future I have credentials to fight for the belt and we have to fight, we will fight.

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MrFluffyHippo site profile image  

3/22/14 2:44 AM by MrFluffyHippo

I dunno... I think I remember hearing Souza has had some crazy transformation

kylekanada site profile image  

3/22/14 2:28 AM by kylekanada

Please lord let these events transpireMachida beats WeidmanAnderson beats Bisping/DiazMachida beats deflated VitorAnderson vs Machida

machidasweidman site profile image  

3/22/14 2:16 AM by machidasweidman

Really? I thought that they said they wouldn't fight each other?

Argo site profile image  

3/22/14 12:35 AM by Argo

Since you asked.There is a point. And for someone like Anderson it has mid seven figures in it.

kalt site profile image  

3/22/14 12:21 AM by kalt

Anderson's never gonna fight again, so it's all moot at this point. Even if he did fight again and if he lost, everyone would say "he just isn't the same after breaking his leg like that." So what's the point?

Shouldhavebeen site profile image  

3/22/14 12:18 AM by Shouldhavebeen

Anderson vs. Machida for the belt has the potential to be the worst fight in history. They've sparred waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too much together.

zebers3 site profile image  

3/22/14 12:15 AM by zebers3

I think Anderson only means this if they were to become champion. That way if Machida or Jacare take the belt before he comes back, then he'd be more likely to get a title fight right away. Can you imagine how many people would kill to see Machida vs. Anderson?

kalt site profile image  

3/22/14 12:09 AM by kalt

<blockquote>Bisping decisioned my SN - <span id='userPost48803401' class='User-315466'><blockquote>kalt - It's okay to fight a friend. you're supposed to be professional fighters. It's your job, it's work. Once the fight is over, shake hands and hug it out - winner buys dinner. No harm done, no hard feelings.<br /><br />Hell you can even agree to split the total purse 50/50 so you both make the same amount of money no matter who wins, that way it's not like a friend is taking money from the other.</blockquote>Business is business shouldn't have to split shit. <img src="/images/phone/apple.png" alt="Phone Post 3.0" border="0" style="vertical-align:middle;"/></span></blockquote>I agree, just saying they could make such an agreement before the fight if they wanted to. No need to feel your friend is "taking money from your children's college fund." Plus this (your/our) attitude re: biz is distinctly american. A brazilian might not feel the same way.

sagemma site profile image  

3/21/14 11:31 PM by sagemma

Hooly shit, that would be a crazy ass fight