Kos: UFC will get GSP back as Hendricks can't sell PPVs


UFC welterweight contender Josh Koscheck recently appeared on an ESPN roundtable, and discussed the potential return of former UFC welterweight champion Georges St-Pierre.

"I buy [St-Pierre returning this year]," said Koscheck as transcribed by MMATorch. "He's got a lot of money, so I don't think he cares either way. Here's the reason he'll fight, though. Even though the UFC and St-Pierre have a little bit of a grudge match going on right now, the UFC is going to suck up its ego and pay St-Pierre to come back."

"The UFC is losing money at 170 pounds because Johny Hendricks isn't going to sell pay-per-views. We know that. GSP is the pay-per-view king. The UFC will offer him something to come back and fight again. I can guarantee you that. It's all about the money."

"How in the hell would they give Nick Diaz a title fight coming off two losses in a row? I should fight for the title if that's the case. You question the sport if things like that happen. That doesn't look good for the sport if Diaz is next in line for the title. Rory MacDonald, Tyron Woodley - those are good candidates for being next in line for the title."

So what you think UG? Will be see GSP back in the Octagon this year? And why?

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Bry Bry site profile image  

3/23/14 1:35 PM by Bry Bry

i dont think Hendricks will ever be a big draw..not unless he starts Koing everyone he fights and starts to develop a personality..i dont see either happening as i see him getting beat by Woodley.. GSP coming back will not be as great as everyone thinks because i dont see him being the dominant champion he used to be..in fact i see Woodley beating him and him going to a decision again with hendricks.. Rory/Hendricks would be interesting..im not sure why ufc thinks Rory wil be such a big draw, i dont see it like that at all.. Kosh is right on all accounts though..

YouCantHandleMyRiddum site profile image  

3/23/14 10:43 AM by YouCantHandleMyRiddum

The UFC fucked up with the cards they put on fox at the very beginning when the hype for the fox deal was insane. I honestly don't understand why they came up with this sort of retarded match making.

dotkorn site profile image  

3/23/14 10:39 AM by dotkorn

we now have one, lets get him to PPV!

GSP24 site profile image  

3/23/14 9:41 AM by GSP24

I bought 171 because of Lawler, not Hendricks.

Entreri site profile image  

3/23/14 9:30 AM by Entreri

Hendricks will never be a big PPV draw. Very few fans like him. The guy is whiney and shady (refusing VADA testing).

MITman2k site profile image  

3/23/14 9:29 AM by MITman2k

"He took the 5th rd off in the gsp fight and rightfully lost the fight. Some thought he won, but either way, he didnt do nearly enough to act the way he was acting IMO " One thing that I did like however, is that he appeared to turn it up in the 5th round of the lawler fight imo. With the bad weightcut among other factors, I had thought he was going to fade after the 4th rd, but he defied my expectations. It may have been different because he sensed the fight was closer, but maybe it was also something that he took away from his experience in the GSP fight.

FrankGotch site profile image  

3/23/14 3:28 AM by FrankGotch

I come from the school of to be the man, you got to beat the man (Flair). GSP/Hendricks was very, very close. When it's that close, you award the champion. The challenger doesn't have to have a dominating performance but a convincing performances that is absent of controversy.

The Sultan site profile image  

3/22/14 9:48 PM by The Sultan

There are only a couple of things i dont like about johny.A) he squeaks by on a dec and acts as if he ko'd the guy. B) gives himself too much credit. When he lost to gsp, he kept harping about how the belt was his and he earned it. He took the 5th rd off in the gsp fight and rightfully lost the fight. Some thought he won, but either way, he didnt do nearly enough to act the way he was acting IMO

circa305 site profile image  

3/22/14 9:27 PM by circa305

I guarantee Hendricks will sell if he can defend the title as many times as GSP did.

yellow wrkahlc is dead site profile image  

3/22/14 8:54 PM by yellow wrkahlc is dead

Rory isn't deserving of the next shot. Let him have the winner of the next title bout after he himself gets on more win, but he's not next in line.