Anderson Silva: White owes the fans Rousey vs. Cyborg


Despite her issues with weight and management, Cris Cyborg is definitely the biggest fight fans want to see for UFC champion Ronda Rousey. Many fans and media believe if she can make the bantamweight limit, she should get her shot at Rousey. Former UFC middleweight champion Anderson Silva agrees:

As it turns out, fans have a champion in this cause and it comes in the person of former middleweight champion and legend, Anderson Silva.

Regarding Santos and a match with Ronda Rousey, “The Spider” is all for it. And by his account Dana White “owes it” to the fans.

In an interview with Combate Silva put it as such:

“I believe this fight needs to happen. The Ronda is a great fighter. But Cris has 90 % chance of winning the round. She trains hard and has all the features and appropriate techniques to win the round. This fight needs to happen, because Dana White owes it to the audience; the UFC.”

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So who agrees with 'The Spider'? Does Dana White owe it to the fans to make a fight between Ronda Rousey and Cris Cyborg?

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Gennady Goblin site profile image  

3/24/14 7:45 AM by Gennady Goblin

I'll genuinely never understand how some people are so willing to give their full support to people who have disgraced a sport in every imaginable way. Holly Holm is deservedly receiving criticism for beating up undersized unknown girls from lower weight classes. Nobody coming from a sensible perspective would say that that is a cool thing for a fighter to do, ensuring the advantage like that.Now imagine if she was grossly missing weight against these tiny unknown unranked girls. Now imagine if the reason she missed weight because she was proven to be a juiced up steroid cheat.This is literally a scenario that is taking place with a fighter that exists in real life. And there are literally people who are willing to ignore all that and defend that fighter. It blows my mind every time I think about it.And I don't even understand what people are basing their irrational support on. What are they seeing in her fights that I'm not? They declare that she has monstrous power and will knock Ronda clean out. We could do a rundown of each fight tape, as far as I can recall Cyborg's never had a big 1 shot KO. Every stoppage is a TKO that has been a matter of accumulation over several rounds. And in just about all those fights, Cyborg winds up running straight into a clinch within the first 10 seconds. Why would people think Ronda would not take advantage of this situation, if not the first time they clinch up, then any one of the inevitable subsequent clinches they would fall into? I understand it was 5 years ago but in Cyborg's biggest fight, against a kickboxer, she ended up putting HERSELF under Gina's mount twice, as a result of Cyborg badly attempting to muscleflop Gina with her own clinch throws. Do you really believe Ronda would just let that situation pass her by and not capitalize?The level of competition since the fight with Gina has been less than impressive. The entire 145 weight class in general is quite unimpressive. The only semi-name fighters for Cyborg in that weight class, are girls that Ronda already beat in 15 seconds. She could fight Julia Budd or Ediane Gomez or.....maybe Marloes Coenen again? Marloes who Miesha already beat at 135. There's truly nobody to fight. It's just not a legitimate weight class for female fighters at this point in time. So there's no incentive for Cyborg to stay there as far as wanting to test herself against the best, or wanting to get the most exposure, or make the most money. Theo only benefit is that she gets to consistently feast on smaller weaker fighters who are willing to compete at a disadvantage for the chance to fight a name.The entire situation is just gross. I really wish the MMA community at large would just band together and make it clear to all cheaters, that they're not fooling anyone. Chris Leben and Thiago Silva, as crazy as they both are, when they got popped for steroids they said straight up "yeah I cheated, I thought I could get away with it, but I didn't. I'm sorry that I messed up." Cyborg won't even do that. It's just excuse after excuse, rationalization, justification, it wasnt me, I didn't know, my dog ate my homework, etc. Just take responsibility, admit you cheated, shed the weight, make 135, and you'll get the big money fight. You know the steps that must be taken. Get it done.

shb site profile image  

3/24/14 7:14 AM by shb

ronda is scared of cyborg. the "i'll fight gina carano at 140/145 but not cyborg" thing is perhaps the most cowardly thing a ufc fighter has ever said, and certainly the most cowardly thing a ufc champion has ever said. it's never been this transparent that one fighter was afraid of another. even tito ended up fighting chuck - twice. cyborg would destroy ronda and ronda knows it, cyborg knows it, and the ufc knows it, which is the real reason why this fight probably never happens. dana and ronda will give lame excuses like "tito said she'd die if she cut to 135" but the truth is cyborg would turn ronda's pretty face into hamburger and cost the ufc millions. ronda's status as #1 135'er is voided as soon as cyborg successfully makes the weight.

Old NHB Wiz site profile image  

3/24/14 4:31 AM by Old NHB Wiz

Yes, don't even get me started on Sonnen. The guy is a convict and a roider. The crazy thing is his spouting off at the mouth doesn't even make sense half the time and some how people thing he is smart ??

talkischeap site profile image  

3/23/14 9:32 PM by talkischeap

Spider you owe us a loss without any ridiculous excuses after all the men you have clowned and disrespected in route to goatness to discredit the guy that hands you 2 losses in a row is pathetic

Sean Thompson site profile image  

3/23/14 8:52 PM by Sean Thompson

While we are on the subject of what the UFC owes me I think reparations are in order I will take my Harley please.

machidasweidman site profile image  

3/23/14 7:31 PM by machidasweidman

So you agree that Sonnen has always been a cheater?

Old NHB Wiz site profile image  

3/23/14 6:11 PM by Old NHB Wiz

I have my doubts that a "totally clean" cyborg would have beaten Carano. When you test positive for banned substances every win before that is tainted by - "Did they just cycle better for that fight ??" Im my opinion every fight a fighter fought before a positive test should be a concitered a N.C. - if they won. Just my opinion.

NFABeeJay site profile image  

3/23/14 4:36 PM by NFABeeJay

Please go on...You named one fighter who is legit, Gina Carano.Both of them have beat some bums but "Teh Honda" has went through better competition and done so more impressively IMO. What have you seen that would convince you that Cyborg would smash Ronda? Just curious.

BuckyGoldstein site profile image  

3/23/14 4:18 PM by BuckyGoldstein

Cyborg stop Gina in the 1st rnd due to strikes. Gina isn't world class? Cyborg also tested clean for the fight. I'm not even gonna bother with the rest of your post...obvious troll is obvious.

JerodR site profile image  

3/23/14 4:02 PM by JerodR

I am a huge Anderson fan but for him to say that after not having a super fight with Jones or GSP is kind of ridiculous IMO.