Mike Swick not retired: Building up heath and business in Thailand


A UGer recently asked if Mike Swick had retired, and "Quick" came on the UG and 

From: Mike Swick
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Hey guys! 

I am not retired yet! Just been working on my health and building AKA Thailand. We will be finished with construction and fully operational in just over a week now. We have been training fighters for a couple months already. Have had Soa Palelei, Wang Sai and Wang Guan in training for fights. Lots of good fighters coming in from Russian and China.

If you guys wanna see how we took a piece of jungle on one of Thailand's most beautiful islands, and built one of the largest fight camps in the world, check out....


And we are not done yet. This is only 1st phase. We have a lot more land to develop and we plan to do some really amazing stuff. ;)

?If I owned a gym in thailand I'd never leave either

You can't "own" anything in Thailand.

Foreigners or "farang" can't own anything land or business wise in Thailand. U would either need a Thai business partner, Thai resident or lawyer who would own the thing on your behalf. 
It can be pretty dodgy as I remember tiger Muay Thai was opening a gym in Chang Mai and it was pretty much completed and due to be opened when their Thai partner kicked them off the land.

From: Mike Swick
Member Since: 1/1/01
Posts: 334

Letibleu / gammo2184: American's can own a business in Thailand. We have a Treaty with Thailand called "Treaty of Amity", where an American citizen can own 100% of a business in Thailand. You can also setup a Thai company with a Thai partner, but yes, they would have to own 51%. Or if you have more than one Thai partner, they would have to own 51% combined. Doing business in Thailand has been quite an interesting journey. I definitely advise getting good lawyers if your gonna do it.


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wiggum site profile image  

3/26/14 2:33 AM by wiggum

Thanks, Mike. Email sent.

goeb site profile image  

3/25/14 5:26 PM by goeb

Mike is really packing on the muscle lately judging by the facbeook photos.I am impressed with how you are building the foundation for your gym, no heavy machinery or anything. I'd love to do that myself one day.

BW92 site profile image  

3/25/14 3:08 PM by BW92

Mike I remember you were having trouble with a stomach condition? How are you feeling lately?

TheMessiah site profile image  

3/25/14 3:06 PM by TheMessiah

He looks 220 in recent picks.. make his way to heavyweight

Mike Swick site profile image  

3/25/14 2:55 PM by Mike Swick

Codecci: Its for everyone! We have training for all levels. Check out the website for more info and contact info...CLINT NJHC: Thanks! I am about 210-215 at the moment and healthier than I have been in 6 years. ;)dhughes: Thanks bud!wiggum: Hey great! Shoot an email to Info@AKAThailand.com and my staff will take care of everything you will need as well as booking your training, accommodation and vehicle.Dogman: I never retired. When I do retire from fighting, it will be a one time thing. ;)

BernardHopkins site profile image  

3/25/14 1:12 PM by BernardHopkins

  Mike Swick not retired: Building up heath and business in Thailand 

Dogman site profile image  

3/25/14 11:17 AM by Dogman

He's already retired once,maybe this is his second retirment.

wiggum site profile image  

3/25/14 11:09 AM by wiggum

Hey Mike! This sounds awesome. I am planning a training trip to Thailand. Would you mind sending me a PM with your email address?

dhughes site profile image  

3/25/14 10:58 AM by dhughes

New gym looks amazing!! Best of luck with everything.

witty site profile image  

3/25/14 10:43 AM by witty

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