Maldonado: I fight better when I’m tired and bleeding


"When he opened (a cut) on my head, Patricio Pitbull, who was in my corner, said ‘now you’re going to fight’," Maldonado told the media after his win. "I only work when I’m getting beat up. I like to get beat up. When I’m tired and bleeding, I fight better."

Despite the dominant performance in the second and third rounds, Maldonado couldn’t stop Villante’s takedowns in the first minutes of the fight.

"I started a little too slow, without knowing that I was fighting, but he took me down twice and I felt his strength," he said. "He never tried to submit me on the ground, so he gave me opportunities to get back up.

"I beat him with my experience. Villante is a strong kid, but I have more experience in striking than him."

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camozzi site profile image  

3/26/14 11:32 AM by camozzi

I enjoy his fights. He should be an 85er though

CaptChaos site profile image  

3/26/14 9:48 AM by CaptChaos

Maldonado is a fan friendly fighter. He will never be a top tier guy cause he's been fighting mma for over 13 years and his ground game is still not very good. Just put him in there with other fan friendly fighters for entertainment value.

Fryedtakyama owns me, it's normal site profile image  

3/26/14 3:04 AM by Fryedtakyama owns me, it's normal

Wait I thought he dropped to middleweight for some reason

Jumbo Reverse Shrimp site profile image  

3/26/14 3:02 AM by Jumbo Reverse Shrimp

Thus "A tired and bleeding Maldonado" enters the lexicon.

Vote me down site profile image  

3/26/14 2:56 AM by Vote me down

I mean, he was doing ok. He got hit hard with that knee, but his opponent became a punching bag pretty much the rest of the fight. Kinda sad he was doing all that and couldn't put him away.

altestosteroneoveroid site profile image  

3/26/14 2:37 AM by altestosteroneoveroid

I was watching the post fight presser with a couple of Brazilian buddies who helped translate a lot of the press conference for me. According to them Maldonado jokingly said "I'm like a pimps bitch, you need to smack me around to get me going!" I found it funny and thought I'd share. Anyone else frustrated by the lack of translation for this presser?

Wisdom100 site profile image  

3/26/14 2:32 AM by Wisdom100

this guy has alot of heart, but boy he can get killed out there and glover was not far from doing it

Eskoe1 site profile image  

3/26/14 2:12 AM by Eskoe1

Zombie maldonado. Let him bang, bro!

LyotoBundy site profile image  

3/26/14 1:16 AM by LyotoBundy

I can see Jimi making him very tired, very bleed.

AllAmericanBoxing site profile image  

3/26/14 12:00 AM by AllAmericanBoxing

Manuwa would be a good next fight!