Manager: Mir not released, but taking time off


Frank Mir has been fighting in the UFC for thirteen years and has fought in five world title fights. Mir is currently on a three-fight losing streak, which led fans to speculate he might be released from the organization, but that doesn't seem to be the case:

On Wednesday, however, Mir's manager Malki Kawa confirmed to FOX Sports that the longtime UFC heavyweight is still in the UFC's employ.

"He's just taking time off," Kawa said. "He's taking a little bit of time and we'll figure out what his next fight is going to be, and what he's going to do next. Right now we haven't come to a conclusion on that time frame yet."

"We'll know something very soon, but there's nothing really happening quite yet," Kawa said. "But yeah, he's still on the roster."

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Billyz site profile image  

3/27/14 3:09 PM by Billyz

Thought I recall reading that his body is riddled with injuries and he was relagated to training what "didn't hurt" that specific day. The guy has gotten in there with monsters for over a fucking decade. If he still has fight in him I hope he takes his time off and recovers his body all the way so he can properly train. Hell juice all you want to recover all the way if you need itthere is no denying when he had got guys to the ground on his terms everyone held there breath for that "oh shit" moment he has provided several times.

Pitbull3744 site profile image  

3/27/14 1:09 PM by Pitbull3744

I like Mir a lot he just cant pull the trigger anymore, and his takedowns are terrible.  I really hope he can come back and win a couple more fights.    THe guy has been fighting ELITE guys since forever already. 

BiggRiggwreckedRVD site profile image  

3/27/14 1:07 PM by BiggRiggwreckedRVD

He didnt take nog down

CaptChaos site profile image  

3/27/14 1:02 PM by CaptChaos

I agree but he could not take any of those guys down. They forced Mir to stand with them. Big Nog was the last guy he took down and subbed. Mir hasn't subbed anyone else or really gone to the ground much in the last 4 1/2 years.

jqvwxyz site profile image  

3/26/14 9:52 PM by jqvwxyz

Don't forget Frank had a TUE as well. Might factor in.I guess he can go back to doing it the old fashioned way (without a doctors note).

BiggRiggwreckedRVD site profile image  

3/26/14 8:39 PM by BiggRiggwreckedRVD

Good. Frank deserves loyalty. 

BW92 site profile image  

3/26/14 8:11 PM by BW92

Supposedly Brock's contract runs out in a few weeks. Or maybe at least exclusivity rights. Don't quote me on that but word was he under contract through their next PPV

Jobe Watson the Bomber site profile image  

3/26/14 8:08 PM by Jobe Watson the Bomber

Mir doesn't have anything left to prove. His resume is a list of murderers and the fact he is still alive to tell the tale is a miracle.Mir deserves all the respect in the World so whatever he chooses to do I hope he's happy.I'd love him as a 3rd guy with Joe and Mike.

AngryFoamy site profile image  

3/26/14 8:05 PM by AngryFoamy

Goo, I'm still a Mir fan and think he should stick to his skill set of BJJ with his opponents.  His last three have crushed him either in the clinch or via stand-up.

MMAhaiku site profile image  

3/26/14 8:02 PM by MMAhaiku

Brock Mir III is the only fight that makes sense for either of them. I'm sure Vince wouldn't mind a one off contract for a fight, it could be double retirement, HOF inductions, huge ppv, etc.