Forrest Griffin: I can't even dunk a basketball anymore


The training and competing of professional combat sports is like that in no other sport in terms of the toll it can take on the body and mind. Ben Fowlkes recently looked at the hidden costs and benefits of 'epic' battles in the cage, talking to several fighters, including Forrest Griffin about how it has affected them:

“I watch guys like Henderson and ‘Shogun,’ and I just think about how lucky they are to still be able to do that,” said Griffin, 34, who retired in May 2013 after struggling with chronic injuries. “I felt so good at 32, and then by 33, I felt like, this is my forever body? Are you kidding me?”

“I’ve been able to dunk a basketball since I was 14,” Griffin said. “I couldn’t touch the rim when I tried yesterday.”

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FlyingSomethingOrAnotherPlata site profile image  

4/17/14 5:37 PM by FlyingSomethingOrAnotherPlata

I hear you on that. Things could definitely be worse, but being unable to help support your family is probably the worse feeling a man could ever feel.@DeuceDroppin It cost over $200 just to visit any Dr. that can help. That is why I have been trying to get medical assistance.

Heikki Mustola site profile image  

4/8/14 7:35 AM by Heikki Mustola

Damn, sorry to hear that. Ridiculous shit that you cant get any aid, you definitely deserve help! Makes me mad at that system, I hope things would be going better for you in the future. I cannot imagine how things are with not free health care, sounds awful. Is it really that expensive?Can you send a complain or something that could make them rethink their decision? That shit is not fair, you have to get some medical aid for sure

FlyingSomethingOrAnotherPlata site profile image  

4/8/14 6:57 AM by FlyingSomethingOrAnotherPlata

Wish I knew. As far as the government is concerned I am in perfect health, and do not require government assistance with my medical health. I have no official form from a doctor from the past 5 years, so they say my claims cannot be validated. I need assistance to be able to see these doctors as they all cost $75 just to walk in the door(literally), and then $200 just to see the doctor.

glassjawed site profile image  

3/31/14 7:03 PM by glassjawed

Thread title is racist. This just in...kevin randleman can no longer outrun the police.

staygreenponyboy site profile image  

3/31/14 6:42 PM by staygreenponyboy

Why can't you get medical aid?

DeuceDroppin site profile image  

3/31/14 5:59 PM by DeuceDroppin

I don't know anything about that, but if you haven't already, it would for sure be worth talking to a knowledgeable Dr about.

David F site profile image  

3/31/14 5:46 PM by David F

"Forrest Griffin can no longer dunk a basketball"Join the club girlfriend.

Hey Beer Man site profile image  

3/31/14 5:42 PM by Hey Beer Man

My uncle had that. Fuck*ng miserable. Sorry for such a shitty break, but it can always get worse.

FlyingSomethingOrAnotherPlata site profile image  

3/29/14 8:56 PM by FlyingSomethingOrAnotherPlata

With my P.E. and blood clots, I don't think that is an option.

BshMstr site profile image  

3/28/14 9:10 PM by BshMstr

well, they're not warriors. warriors engage in an entirely different type of combat, and for different reasons.....still, i kinda agree with you... Forest is an athlete/entertainer who competed on the biggest stage. i feel bad for Forrest that he can't do the things he used to, but he's also able to afford things that he wasn't able to.but like the other poster said, there are tons of guys and gals that can't do what they used to, myself included....