Dollaway vs. Carmont to co-main event UFC's return to Germany


On Friday, a middleweight tussle between Francis Carmont and C.B. Dollaway was named as the co-main event for UFC Fight Night Berlin.

UFC officials confirmed the matchup via Twitter.

The May 31 card takes place inside O2 World in Berlin, Germany. The entire card is expected to be made available for live viewing via UFC Fight Pass.

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John M site profile image  

3/29/14 2:08 PM by John M

I like that calling him Clarence Byron Dollaway is a thing now. Nice job CME

JeffersonDArcyChoke site profile image  

3/29/14 1:58 PM by JeffersonDArcyChoke

Clarence Byron by KO in round 2.

Malvert the Janitor site profile image  

3/29/14 8:43 AM by Malvert the Janitor

Gi or no gi?

SelfRespect site profile image  

3/29/14 8:19 AM by SelfRespect

That's LORD Clarence Byron, my good man. And he is going to run Frankie Cars right over in Germany.

SpicyTaco20 site profile image  

3/28/14 9:55 PM by SpicyTaco20

Lol CB Dollaway

WizeKraker site profile image  

3/28/14 7:39 PM by WizeKraker

Gotta go with Clarence on that one.

SensoriaUtopia site profile image  

3/28/14 6:49 PM by SensoriaUtopia

Perfect matchmaking here, Carmont is a conundrum, a very highly ranked highly skilled fighter, but extremely boring, put him in with a striker, he will just hug the guy all fight, put him in with a grappler you force him to fight like Jacare did.CB has more than good enough grappling to force Carmont to fight, no way he is taking CB down, not sure he can even keep CB on the fence either, slight edge to CB and at the very least one of few matchups you can make with Carmont where he won't stink the joint up.On a sidenote, I am still shocked they gave Carmont the win against Larkin, that was an outright robbery, fucking Larkin showed the greatest TD balance I have ever seen, even better than BJ one leg shit he has done, Larkin had like 1 leg held over his fucking head and he still kept upright, but yeah, great fight, nice co main for this card.

Herman Munster site profile image  

3/28/14 6:49 PM by Herman Munster

Carmont via domination,

JerodR site profile image  

3/28/14 6:49 PM by JerodR

If CB wanted a step up in competition then this will certainly do just that. I didn't used to care very much for CB but he is starting to grow on me. Best of luck to him in this fight.

MexiCain AmeriCain site profile image  

3/28/14 6:48 PM by MexiCain AmeriCain

Come on Dana... Clarence is coming off an impressive KO and you give him a fight against a professional Lay N prayer? Clarence needs a high ranked opponent