Royce Gracie threatened Eddie Bravo after Metamoris 3

by Chris Palmquist |

Last night at Metamoris 3, Eddie Bravo and Royler Gracie put on a riveting 20-minute sport jiu-jitsu match that was a rematch of their famous 2003 match at ADCC.

Although the fight ended in a draw, as neither fighter submitted the other in the time-limit, Bravo controlled more of the match with his sweeps and submission attempts.

The fight took place with a live audience and was captured on video and live streamed on the internet, but what took place after the match was something unanticipated.

The Underground spoke to a person who wished to remain anonymous, but was back stage at the event. After exhausting himself for the 20-minute match, Bravo left the stage and proceeded to throw up as his adrenaline dumped. It was then that UFC Hall of Famer Royce Gracie approached Bravo and began to berate him.

Allegedly, Gracie threatened to kick Bravo's ass because he believed that Bravo disrespected his brother Royler, his family, and his father Helio. Bravo was apparently caught off guard by the attack, and friend and trainer Jean Jacques Machado intervened to keep the situation from escalating.

Bravo later relayed this story to a group of people back stage after the event. 


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DrPeterVenkman site profile image  

4/1/14 7:21 PM by DrPeterVenkman


BuddyRevell site profile image  

4/1/14 6:51 PM by BuddyRevell

  Throw that on Royce's Twitter or Instagram. Dude needs to open his eyes. VTFU. Great work, Green Arrow.  

superCalo site profile image  

4/1/14 3:32 PM by superCalo

It was about perceived or implied disrespect, something any of us in the same position could relate to which means that none amongst us should be casting stones, it was a private matter that bravo guy for reasons of his own decided to make public

rkm456 site profile image  

4/1/14 3:12 PM by rkm456

Eddie Bravo wrote that? And people are still defending him and saying Royce was in the wrong? I've never seen something so disrespectful in my entire life. Oh, wait a minute..

CapnKindBud site profile image  

4/1/14 9:19 AM by CapnKindBud

You've got that right. He's just a man. And he was never the best. Not even the best in his family. And if you are a legend and are acting like a cunt, maybe to should be called a legendary cunt.

ranier wolfcastle site profile image  

4/1/14 8:58 AM by ranier wolfcastle

yeah well ok the book was respectful but um... he POINTED  at royce!! u dont be doin dat, dawg!  

The Green Arrow site profile image  

4/1/14 8:49 AM by The Green Arrow

Something Eddie Bravo wrote in his book in 2005.  Royce was furious.  

Stronghold site profile image  

4/1/14 7:33 AM by Stronghold

Did we ever figure out what Royce was really pissed about? Being classless is one thing but there should be a reason for it if it is to be excusable.

mata_leao site profile image  

4/1/14 4:14 AM by mata_leao

I love these jake shield responses for some reason hahahaha.

Anthomis site profile image  

4/1/14 3:07 AM by Anthomis

100,000 views in a day or two.I honestly believe if Bravo stayed in Metamoris, he could help propel it to the next level