Anderson Silva: I'm doing this to give back to the US


In his first full-length interview since his injury, former UFC middleweight champion Anderson Silva sits down with us to discuss his road to recovery, return to the Octagon, and his surprising future plans. We spend two full days with Silva for a wide-ranging and eye-opening interview. Watch this revealing interview, along with the highly anticipated replay of UFC 168, both going live this week, exclusively on UFC Fight Pass .

Anderson Silva (on recovery): Another couple of months and I would be ready to fight tho year. But I’m having this opportunity to spend more time with my family, to focus and work over my personal projects.

(on return to the UFC): I was a bit worried to begin with, but then I thought to myself, I have been doing this since I was a kid, let’s go.

(on future plans): And I’m am doing this to give back to the US, what the US gave me. Which is the opportunity for my children to study, the opportunity for a different life than the one I have in Brazil, and being able to make a difference, for real. 

Not that I wouldn’t be able to do this in Brazil, I can. But not as a police man. 

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superuser site profile image  

4/2/14 4:31 AM by superuser

Are you guys that stupid? He meant that if he never came to the US to fight his career would of been that of a police man. Is it that hard to understand? Him giving back is him returning to fight despite him being well off and accomplished enough to retire.

brahmabull81 site profile image  

4/2/14 4:25 AM by brahmabull81

Andy is a boss.

basswork site profile image  

4/2/14 4:00 AM by basswork

It was Sensi Segals idea

Carl Sonnen site profile image  

4/2/14 3:52 AM by Carl Sonnen

I am wondering how Silva is going to 'give back' to the community by studying at the police academy and then not serving in some capacity. Silva said "not as a police man," so it seemed he has no plans to patrol. The spot he is taking could be used by someone who is going to patrol the streets and, you know, give back to the community? You can't triangle bullets as far as I know, so maybe that is smart of him. Maybe he is paying a nice tuition fee....

Horace.P.McTitties site profile image  

4/2/14 2:43 AM by Horace.P.McTitties

What a croc

JBax1991 site profile image  

4/2/14 2:35 AM by JBax1991

Sensei Segal Doesn't Approve.

vodka7 site profile image  

4/2/14 2:30 AM by vodka7

Is he wanting to become a reserve cop?

kalt site profile image  

4/1/14 11:31 PM by kalt

Makes no sense, especially the last paragraph. Probably an april fools thing. Ees not normal.