Diaz and St-Pierre team up to fight crime


The web's most dangerously funny animated series --? featuring your favorite and least-favorite MMA personalities, voiced and written by Pouya Rebek (aka prebek) -- is now on FOX Sports. Brace your face for new episodes rolling out every other week right here on FOXSports.com and YouTube.

In the latest episode of "Mixed Martial Animations," Georges St-Pierre and Nick Diaz team up as police officers to fight crime ... and exotic animals.

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riddlebox site profile image  

4/4/14 2:28 PM by riddlebox

Damn that was awesome hahahaThe voices were great

SgtJustinTeplitz site profile image  

4/4/14 1:03 PM by SgtJustinTeplitz

Love these videos!

DiazsBongWater site profile image  

4/4/14 7:24 AM by DiazsBongWater

GSP radioing through about a dinosaur killed me

chopiesel site profile image  

4/4/14 7:06 AM by chopiesel

These are fucking awful.

BruceLeroysLowKick site profile image  

4/4/14 6:42 AM by BruceLeroysLowKick

I lost my shit at "It looked like a dinosaur"

wasabi site profile image  

4/3/14 11:59 PM by wasabi


frederic site profile image  

4/3/14 9:51 PM by frederic

4 later

Soggykong site profile image  

4/3/14 9:46 PM by Soggykong

There all funny as hell. But navy seal Victor is my favorite. "Oh and Victor. Don't ever kiss me again dude!" "But I said no homo"

CoreNobody site profile image  

4/3/14 7:30 PM by CoreNobody

Fuckin tears comin out my eyes, holy shit!!!