Faber talks Ludwig's split with Team Alpha Male


Last year Duane 'Bang' Ludwig moved to California to become head coach of Team Alpha Male. In the time since taking over, Alpha Male found incredible success and all their athletes showed improved standup skills.

Recently it was revealed that Ludwig would be leaving the team to head back to Colorado and start his own gym. Owner of Team Alpha Male, Urijah Faber has been mostly quiet on the split, but recently opened up to BloodyElbow.com:

"I think it's good," Faber told Bloody Elbow, "There was a lot of publicity that came with that whole thing with Duane, but this team has been building for 11 years now. We were looking for a coach, and he came in and everyone made a big deal about it. We learned a lot from him, and from his style, but we need someone that is invested in the long term."

"It wasn't anything really. We never signed a contract or anything," Faber said of his agreement with Ludwig, "No (I wasn't surprised he wasn't here long term), not once I got him in the area. He's got his own mind, and has his own agendas, so I completely understand it. It was an opportunity for him to get exposure that he really needed, but it is what it is, really."

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Salted Karma site profile image  

4/7/14 1:20 PM by Salted Karma

LOL where is that at? Oh right, nowhere. Quit being a 15 year old girl looking for tits on an ant.

rkm456 site profile image  

4/4/14 11:55 PM by rkm456

I seem to remember Bang saying in the next few months he was going to Colorado to start his own team, and he was then told, it's cool you can go now.To summarize. Bang: "I want my own team"Faber: "Cool, then we're going to find someone permanent, later"Oh, and whoever pointed out Bang not wearing team shirts was right. Always seemed strange to me too. Only other guy I can think of who does it, is John Danaher, but that dude is nuts and has a rashguard only policy.

donniejessup site profile image  

4/4/14 8:38 PM by donniejessup

Once again you are wrong. Faber is being very critical of Bang.

The Tiger Man site profile image  

4/4/14 8:33 PM by The Tiger Man

Break ups are hard for everyone. I just hope the kids are ok.

JeffersonDArcyChoke site profile image  

4/4/14 6:36 PM by JeffersonDArcyChoke

I'll be their coach. Get those shirts off, oil up and start a Gracie train around the gym until we are sufficiently warm.

notsobigmike site profile image  

4/4/14 4:33 PM by notsobigmike

I know what you're saying, but I think this definitely elevated his profile.I've been a long-time Bang fan, and I was super-psyched to see him having something of a post-fighting renaissance as a coach.At least from the outside, his impact on Team Alpha Male was significant and seemingly immediate. He was always one of those guys who I liked, but never really seemed to have the tools to take his fighting career to the next level.But, that's the kind of guy who can make for an AWESOME coach. He has a world of experience, some world-class credentials in a specific discipline, and has experienced enough victories AND defeats to know what really counts.I'm glad he has opportunities of his own, but I'm also bummed that he's leaving a world class team that he seemed to be a PERFECT match for. He really seemed like an amazing fit for TAM and that everyone came out better for it.

Damaynevent site profile image  

4/4/14 10:10 AM by Damaynevent

You could totally see the "Bang" effect in the TAM guys. They were all solid guys who knife how to win fights, but when Bang showed up they became finishers. Bang made it very clear on JRE that he had bigger plans than just coaching for TAM. Not sure why this is coming as a shock to some people.

Son of Neckbone site profile image  

4/4/14 9:33 AM by Son of Neckbone

Talking a lot, saying nothing.It is unarguable that Ludwig elevated the team, and if those little guys aren't pissed they lost himfor whatever reason, that is a mistake.And DTWM for new head coach.

GriffinQ site profile image  

4/4/14 8:16 AM by GriffinQ

Iirc, their win rate while they were favorites stayed almost exactly the same. They may have been winning a bit differently(like those body shot finishes) but their actual win/loss rate didn't change.

steveAKAslick site profile image  

4/4/14 2:04 AM by steveAKAslick

So he used AM for exposure and that's it?!?! He should be more grateful, AM went from being known as guys that usually wrestle fucked their competition to some legit strikers...I'd say that goes both ways...