Brazilian commission denies Jorgensen's appeal


At the last UFC Fight Night in Brazil, Scott Jorgensen was submitted after being hit with an illegal head butt. Jorgensen then appealed to the commission as the ended was related to the illegal strike, but today it was ruled that the decision would stay:

The Brazilian MMA Athletic Commission (CABMMA) is not going to budge on Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) flyweight Scott Jorgensen's loss to Jussier da Silva, after "Young Guns" cried foul over the outcome of their scrap at UFC Fight Night 38 last month in Brazil.

No ifs, ands, or (head) butts.

Jorgensen was miffed after "Formiga" choked him out, insisting it was a collision of crowns and not a Brazilian bumrush that sent him crashing to the canvas. Naturally, his opponent feigned ignorance, suggesting it was the chest that absorbed the blow.

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FETT_Lay'n'PrayNINJA site profile image  

4/6/14 11:22 AM by FETT_Lay'n'PrayNINJA

If the choke happened within moments of the headbutt, or Scott was clearly out or limp on the ground from the headbutt, there would be more reasoning for a NC.

FETT_Lay'n'PrayNINJA site profile image  

4/6/14 11:20 AM by FETT_Lay'n'PrayNINJA

The headbutt was significant, but was not a strike thrown by anyone to land damage. They clashed heads. The ref missed it.Olivera threw a strike to do damage. Very different. Scott is also exaggerating or not telling the truth to claim he just 'woke up in a choke'. The gif used also cuts out a bunch of time between the accident and the finish.

caposa site profile image  

4/5/14 7:11 PM by caposa

You're right, I have no proof of favoritism by the Brazil commission. Maybe I shouldn't have said that, but it's just my own shitty opinion. Oliveira's knee was not intentional, similar to how Formiga did not intentionally use his head as a battering ram. It doesn't change the fact it happened. What I have an issue with is the reasoning by the commission. They are saying that it didn't play a big enough factor in the finish. Does anyone truly believe that? Formiga is also now denying the clash of heads completely.

andyloveshugs site profile image  

4/5/14 6:57 PM by andyloveshugs

just to play devil's advocate because i literally don't care at all about what happens with this result, in your op you implied brazilian incompetency or favoritism towards the brazilian fighter as to why the commission didn't overturn it.  then you bring up an american commission overturning a loss for an american fighter.  also an intentional illegal knee is very different than a guy ducking his head because his opponent is rushing in, and his opponent rushing in so hard that he gets headbutted. 

caposa site profile image  

4/5/14 6:45 PM by caposa


TUF Guy 69 site profile image  

4/5/14 6:44 PM by TUF Guy 69

That ref makes Mazzagatti look like McCarthy.

YouCantHandleMyRiddum site profile image  

4/5/14 6:10 PM by YouCantHandleMyRiddum


knee smash site profile image  

4/5/14 12:52 PM by knee smash

commissions don't overturn these kinds of things, the only time they get involved is for positive drug test and intentional illegal technques. Nobody is going to change a fight results because a ref didn't see a headbutt

Fryedtakyama owns me, it's normal site profile image  

4/5/14 12:38 PM by Fryedtakyama owns me, it's normal

This. Vu

Muhammad'I'm-hard'BruceLee site profile image  

4/5/14 11:04 AM by Muhammad'I'm-hard'BruceLee

He's also the one who fucked Norman Parke with the wacky point deductions. He massively influenced the outcome of 3 fights in favor of Brazillians. Should never work again, you couldn't have a worse showing.