UFC to still cover GSP's knee surgery, despite frozen contract


Despite having announced a hiatus from the UFC, they are still planning to cover surgery for Georges St-Pierre, who tore his ACL in training:

Even though Georges St-Pierre is not an active fighter, Dana White says the UFC will foot the bill for the former welterweight champion’s ACL surgery this week in Los Angeles.

The UFC’s fighter health insurance policy has only been in existence since May 2011, but for St-Pierre, who took a self-imposed hiatus from the sport in December of this past year, there were questions surrounding whether his injury falls under that policy.

White, the UFC’s president, says that even though St-Pierre’s (25-2 MMA, 19-2 UFC) contract with the organization is currently in a “frozen” state, his upcoming surgery is still covered under the insurance agreement because he is not officially retired.

“We have health insurance for the guys,” White told MMAjunkie. “It should be covered even if the contract is frozen. He’s still under contract; he’s still a UFC fighter.”

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pollice_verso site profile image  

4/8/14 10:49 PM by pollice_verso

So many journalists don't know the difference between left and right.

BernardHopkins site profile image  

4/8/14 11:26 AM by BernardHopkins

"there were questions surrounding whether his injury falls under that policy."   were there really? i dont remember "will the ufc cover GSPs knee!?!?" being a hot topic

Blade Brown site profile image  

4/8/14 10:47 AM by Blade Brown

How much does acl surgery cost?

Effstrikingmeansdamage site profile image  

4/8/14 10:28 AM by Effstrikingmeansdamage

I hope you're joking. A lot of people I know including my wife got cut to part time bc of this guys health plan. Doctors offices being shut down. Not to mention the amount of women who will develop cancer bc they can only do exams every 5 years now.

ophusker site profile image  

4/8/14 10:13 AM by ophusker

I don't get the UFC is going to cover it like they are doing him some kind of a favor. First of all he's Canadian so it would be covered under his health care up there. Second one could only assume he'd be covered by the UFC's health insurance since he's still under contract with them and has not really had a signifigant lapse in time between fights. It would be pretty messed up if they were not covering it considering they claim have insurance to cover all fighters and he just fought for them a few months ago.

Wisdom100 site profile image  

4/8/14 10:07 AM by Wisdom100


alley site profile image  

4/8/14 9:42 AM by alley

He doesn't want to wait three years, so he's getting the surgery done in the U.S.

ChaosOverkill site profile image  

4/8/14 9:40 AM by ChaosOverkill

not biting

Yussarian site profile image  

4/8/14 9:37 AM by Yussarian

Basically this. The contract has not been breached or expired, thus, they are probably obligated to comply. And if he isn't covered, I am sure Canadian health insurance policy will help him out lol.

stanneh site profile image  

4/7/14 6:00 PM by stanneh

"UFC to still cover GSP's knee surgery"Plus Lorenzo Fertitta and Dana White have offered to personally administer Fellatio.