Is Clay Guida's job on the line at UFN 39?


Against a background of older fighters like Jake Shields being cut, Mookie Alexander asks if Clay Guida's job is on the line this Friday at UFN 39.

Three years removed from a four-fight winning streak that had him on the cusp of a title shot, Clay Guida finds himself in the co-main event of a Fight Pass card against Japan's Tatsuya Kawajiri in the featherweight division. In the wake of several recent roster cuts, this may be the most important bout of Guida's UFC career.

Based on the Shields, Okami, and Fitch cuts, the UFC seems to be sending a very clear message that if you're not popular with the fans, you command a high salary, are no longer a contender, and you're not exciting even in defeat, you are expendable. By these standards, Guida is on incredibly thin ice. He earned $44,000 in his TKO loss to Chad Mendes, which is high for a featherweight (higher than Mendes' $31,000 base pay), is 1-3 in his last 4, on the wrong side of 30, and was memorably booed and berated by fans after his poor and bizarre showing against Gray Maynard.

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Agent_Doakes_Aint_no_Jokes site profile image  

4/10/14 3:20 PM by Agent_Doakes_Aint_no_Jokes

LISTEN KIRIK, I cannot count! :-) hahaha...I believe in your news over sherdog's. They listed the card "UFC Fight Night 40", but you guys and the "main source" say UFC 39 lol!!!! -In the UG I trust!!!!!

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4/10/14 7:37 AM by Barnetchopper


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4/10/14 4:45 AM by Gerkin


MrHughes1991 site profile image  

4/10/14 1:07 AM by MrHughes1991

If he has another fucking stupid ass performance then yes. If it's a barn burner like the old guida then no

FinestScotch site profile image  

4/9/14 11:40 PM by FinestScotch

He should have been cut for that disgraceful abortion of a showing he put on against Maynard

jmont site profile image  

4/9/14 8:00 PM by jmont

yes it is, win or lose if its a boring fight I wont be surprised to see him cut

bricht07 site profile image  

4/9/14 7:58 PM by bricht07

He beat the champ gotta count for something! And I'm not a guida fan

used2wrestle site profile image  

4/9/14 7:12 PM by used2wrestle

I can't stand watching him fight but I think it's unlikely and more importantly, I really don't like how the article was written. For example, Shields was set to make 120k whereas Guida is at 40 something. On top of that Shields and Fitch are in the most stacked division where Guida actually brings star to the featherweight division by coming down from LW. Those lower weight classes are seriously devoid of any names other than Faber.

Original_Tazuna site profile image  

4/9/14 6:40 PM by Original_Tazuna

I hope its not but it could be as its true hes not going to be the guy however hes a fucking high level fighter for sure.

GregBell  site profile image  

4/9/14 6:30 PM by GregBell

If they really are cutting guys who will " never be the guy" then the answer is yes