Sonnen: Attack was criminal


The much-talked-about brawl between Chael Sonnen, Wanderlei Silva and Silva's assistant coach Andre Dida, aired this weekend on Globo in Brazil and Sunday at 12 p.m. ET/9 p.m. PT. Sonnen was left with bruises and a small cut.

The Gangster from Oregon: "Can't we just talk? I want to say hello or good morning."

The Axe Murderer: "I don't want to like you. I hate you."

TGFO: "But I don't know the date. Can you just tell me the date?"

TAM: "Now? Now?"

TGFO: "Come on. I'm just talking to you. I'm just asking you."

Silva slaps his hands together, faking a slap at Sonnen's head.

TGFO: "Wanderlei, stop. Just stop. Please stop. I can't let you get close."

And it's on.

"We all understand how these things go," said Sonnen, as transcribed by B/R. "The Ultimate Fighter has been around since 2004 or 2005. Nothing like this has ever happened. You have coaches pushing each other. But it's always verbal, and everyone understands the deal. But I don't even share that philosophy, of even letting it get verbal. I'm there to coach, and I've got the gym certain hours. I'm not into pranks or any of that stuff.

"No, I never would've believed it would turn physical."

"I can't remember any fight I've ever been in. Silva, Jones, anything. This is the same thing. In my head, I never threw any punches. In my head, I did the double-leg and then held him down. But I have some of my guys who told me I did throw punches at him."

"My favorite part was that he proclaimed victory after the fight. My favorite part was the new Brazilian scoring system that he implemented on the spot, which gave him the win."

Before the fight aired, Sonnen said he though what happened was criminal.

"It ended up being a two-on-one, and in that aspect, that was the most unfortunate part," said Sonnen. "The whole thing is regrettable. It never should have happened. That's one of the deals with reality TV. If you have a bad moment, you're caught. Everyone may have a bad moment. They go in their car, you yell, turn on the radio in you car and yell. In reality TV, if you have a bad moment, you're busted.

"And then what happened was the other knucklehead jumped in, that was a crime.

That's what it was. That was straight up illegal."

"[Wanderlei] is very difficult. I can tell you, working alongside him on The Ultimate Fighter was really the most I ever go to know him, and it was tough on a day-to-day basis. It was really tough. He really followed a gang mentality. The more people on his side, the tougher he got."

"I had to explain to him, `I'm the bad guy, you're supposed to be the good guy. But when you attempt to jump me, that's going to turn the people against you and for me, and I don't want to be the good guy. I had to drop the fourth curtain and explain this to him, and it didn't register."

"They kept us apart in the back," he said. "We never saw each other. We were at different hotels, the whole bit. He's in the actual gym. I'm in the actual gym. I walk through the doors and I walk right up to him. He puts his hand out, he says to me, `You have no problem with Brazil, you just have a problem with me, let's have a good show,' that type of deal. That kind of set the tone. I was thinking, `Well, good, that's what we're here for.' It wasn't two hours later, he was cursing, he quit the show, he shoved me, pretty much right off the bat."

"He quit and the Brazil thing on the show was fake. It couldn't have been more fake. He said, `I'm gonna quit if you don't apologize,' never once thinking, if I didn't apologize, he would have painted himself into a corner where he had to quit, which, of course, you can't do."

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teamquestnorth site profile image  

4/15/14 11:47 AM by teamquestnorth

Where im from, holding someone down and beating on them to the point where they have to have a buddy jump in is "whooping" on them.

theseanster site profile image  

4/15/14 11:37 AM by theseanster

No laying in your back being held down is "whooping" someone!

spirello site profile image  

4/15/14 11:06 AM by spirello

Yea cuz takin someone down and holding them is "whooping".

Meohfumado site profile image  

4/15/14 1:34 AM by Meohfumado

Yeah, earlier in the season Wand got close and got physical, and Chael vowed not to let him get close again because he wasn't going to let himself get sucker punched.So when Wand came in this time, Chael actually says, "I can't let you get close" and shoves him to create space because he doesn't trust Wand not to pop him one.Don't blame Chael at all for being first with the shove given that.

Good Boy Killa site profile image  

4/15/14 1:00 AM by Good Boy Killa

Wand won't have an answer for the power double leg

papagaio site profile image  

4/14/14 9:38 PM by papagaio

not sure if you've only seen the or been watching the full season. this isn't the first time Wand actually shoved Chael earlier on in the first or second episode and Chael didn't react. i honestly think that Chael shoved Wand to create space. it's part of the rules of engagement if you will. Wand was upset and got in Chael's space...should he have waited for Wand to punch him?I said it earlier...but Wand isn't the promoter type like Chael. i don't think he was faking at all. I also think Chael's chuckle at the "I hope you don't hurt your ass" comment was real as well. hahaha!

Morgz site profile image  

4/14/14 8:55 PM by Morgz

It's real to me dang it!

The Ghost Of Swayze site profile image  

4/14/14 8:46 PM by The Ghost Of Swayze

Woo hoo! I love fake drama!

Nonlinear site profile image  

4/14/14 7:48 PM by Nonlinear

Mark Alert! Got a fish is on the hook, reel em in, Chael!

MRG1 site profile image  

4/14/14 7:47 PM by MRG1

when they got up was Wands nose bleeding?