Evans: Overeem blames everybody but himself


UFC heavyweight Alistair Overeem recently moved from the Blackzilian camp to Jackson's MMA. Former Jackson's fighter and Blackzilian's founder Rashad Evans said Overeem was never really a Blackzilian anyway.

John Joe O'Regan has the story...

"It’s not a big deal at all to be honest," said Evans. "Alistair was one of those guys who was on the team but never really committed to being part of it. He would run his own camps, bring in his own guys, train by himself, so him going somewhere else won’t make much difference, it isn’t a huge loss."

"The funny thing was, he would run his own camps and bring his own people in, then go out there and lose and blame everybody but himself. So now if he goes to Jackson’s and doesn’t learn to open up and step out of himself then he is going to get the same results."

"He just doesn’t trust people."

"And at the end of the day as an athlete you have to be coachable. And being coachable is a humbling thing. You have to be like, ‘let me put aside all my own thoughts and let me hear what is coming in’. Then afterwards you might weigh up what you want to take on and what you don’t. 

"But when you come into a situation with a mind set on only what you want to do, only think what you want to think, then you’re not going to get any better.

"The thing with Alistair is he only does what he wants to do. He doesn’t want to get out of his comfort zone. He doesn’t want to do anything to get out of his comfort zone, even in training. He doesn’t want to train too hard or push himself too hard because it’s out of his comfort zone. 

"But if you look at a fight, it is anything but comfortable. So when you’re fighting tough guys and you’re not willing to go out of your comfort zone, you lose. 

"There’s no hard feelings, I just think he is always going to be that rolling stone. He is always going to be in between places, trying to figure out where he belongs. And the problem is that when he gets somewhere that he may belong, he doesn’t open up enough or trust enough to really let a relationship develop."

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Gustafsson Broke Bones site profile image  

4/14/14 10:42 PM by Gustafsson Broke Bones

The broke apart.It cracked up.

jason73 site profile image  

4/14/14 10:26 PM by jason73

the other side of that coin is someone who jumps ship when times get tough doesnt have any loyalty

ProteinOverdrive site profile image  

4/14/14 9:33 PM by ProteinOverdrive

Overeem is exactly how a modern fighter should be. He moves from team to team and acquires experience.He is a friendly guy, courteous, a good training partner but with no attachments and no bullshit "we are brothers" drama.

OnlyTheStrongSurvive site profile image  

4/14/14 6:37 PM by OnlyTheStrongSurvive

High altitude hikes might help

Fed site profile image  

4/14/14 6:18 PM by Fed

Will be an interesting heavyweight jungle with Reem Browne Arlovski and Mir at Jacksons MMA

Nytron site profile image  

4/14/14 4:20 PM by Nytron

That was deep, Rashad.Overeem is his own worst enemy.

RHaydack site profile image  

4/14/14 3:55 PM by RHaydack

Rashad is probably spot on. Reem is a Prima Donna. Yes he is talented but he will never get as far as he can doing things HIS way. Even if he won the belt he would not keep it long. Reem can dish it out but I'm not impressed with how much he can take. Let's just say that betting on him is not a wise choice cause you know what you will get... unpredictability.So now he is going to Jackson's. he just beat up Mir and Browne just KO'd him. That should be interesting... Mir and Reem didn't have much trash to talk towards each other before their fight. I think that's because they share the same thing in common... arrognace.

kawapes site profile image  

4/11/14 7:22 PM by kawapes

And vitor and rumble

CS Raven site profile image  

4/11/14 7:14 PM by CS Raven

Shame.I liked the shad reem spong threesome

inf0 site profile image  

4/11/14 7:14 PM by inf0

strange, I remember reading this before