White: 'Disgusting' brawl delayed Chael vs. Wand fight

by Kirik Jenness |

In a Wurrlstarr meets MMA moment, Chael Sonnen and Wanderlei Silva, opposing coaches on TUF: Brazil 3, engaged in a brawl on last week's episode. 

The rise of reality television has turned appalling behavior into a commodity. However, at the TUF Nations Finale post fight press conference, UFC president Dana White was not impressed.

"That fight's going to happen," said White as transcribed by Mike Chiappetta. "What happens is Wanderlei got hurt in the fight. He got double-legged on the concrete. He hurt his back. He hurt his hand punching Chael in the head. He got injured, so he couldn't fight on time because he got hurt f---ing coaching the show. It's just disgusting."

"That thing was a disgusting display of what shouldn't happen, and if I was there, that would have never happened. It's as bad as it can get."

White laid blame on the coaches, on the producers, and on the crew, who could have broken it up, but instead simply recorded the compelling content. We all watched it, twice, so blame goes to us, too.

Unless, it was all a work set up by Chael Sonnen...

Wanderlei Silva went on Facebook and while acknowledging that it was wrong when coach Andre Dida punched Chael causing bruising and a small cut, never the less thanked him.

"People have no idea what was like to handle that guy teasing us every single day at TUF," wrote Silva as translated by Guilherme Cruz. "That was the moment where the glass overflowed. We’re not in favor of any type of violence.

"This week, I’ll release a video so people will understand the whole context and not only the isolated fact. He started the brawl. I had already let it go and he kept teasing. I ask for apology for the bad impression."

"The action was wrong but with the right motivation to defend a brother. I thank you, Andre Dida, for your loyalty, because it would have been much easier to do nothing. We know that you did what you did in the heat of the moment, without thinking about it, in defensive instinct.

"We met each other when we were 12 and I was like your older brother, and we’ve been through many things together. We got together after you became one of my coaches and we fight together ever since."


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FlyingSomethingOrAnotherPlata site profile image  

4/20/14 10:24 AM by FlyingSomethingOrAnotherPlata

Except there are no wraps in street fights, and Hendricks also said that his wraps were the reason he threw 70% power. That is the reason you cannot say Knock out power is pure if the fighter can throw punches for 25 minutes, and not have injured hands. Hendricks knocked out everyone with hands properly wrapped, and against GSP he was hesitant to throw down 100%, because his hand was hurting.

tenchu site profile image  

4/19/14 2:00 PM by tenchu

Yeah, on the streets, where you can hit to the back of the head, strike with the point of the elbow from 12 to 6, kick a downed opponent, knee a kneeling fighter to the head...Etc. Goes both ways.

Soup and Beer site profile image  

4/19/14 1:37 PM by Soup and Beer

So let me get this straight.  The "scuffle" actualy happened a long time ago and is just now being aired.  Up until that time, Dana was hyping it as much as he could.  It airs and Dana says they have to delay the fight because wand was injured in the "brawl".  To me this insinuates it just happened and they had to change their plans when we know that is not the case.  It sounds like since Wand still hasn't signed, they pushed off the fight again and are using this to make it look like the TUF fight was the cause.

Herman Munster site profile image  

4/19/14 1:30 PM by Herman Munster

<blockquote>R1WARRIOR -Did you see how easy it was for Hendricks to dominate and beat up GSP?? And what's up with the takedown fetish?? While it's effective, takedown also mean your not man enough to fight like a man. No, I did not. I seen Johny Hendricks lose 3 rounds to 2 and lose the last 3 mins of round 2, a round that was greatly over stated as a dominant round of his. Last time I checked this is mma, not kickboxing or boxing. Fighting like a man does not only consist of standing up. The objective is to not just fight like a man, but more importantly, to be the man, and to be the man in mma like GSP was, you have to be able to do it all, and he could do it all better than anyone else. Hendricks will never be a dominant champ.

ranier wolfcastle site profile image  

4/19/14 10:17 AM by ranier wolfcastle

1 tuf season they hyped with a clip of 1 guy slapping another in the yard. they never showed the fight or even arguement the whole season

R1WARRIOR site profile image  

4/19/14 9:35 AM by R1WARRIOR

Did you see how easy it was for Hendricks to dominate and beat up GSP?? And what's up with the takedown fetish?? While it's effective, takedown also mean your not man enough to fight like a man.

Herman Munster site profile image  

4/19/14 9:16 AM by Herman Munster

Hmmmm, more I think about it, Hendricks probably would have been done for right off GSP's first immediate double leg to start the fight, had that impact been on concrete. No way Hendricks was turning that round around. In the streets, just like the octagon, annddd stilllll....GSP>Hendricks. Hendricks would have been the one murdered on the streets son, word up to that.

Herman Munster site profile image  

4/19/14 9:08 AM by Herman Munster

On the contrary actually. GSP has always taken mofo's (including Hendricks) down like a man, never has relied on flukey little bitch takedowns like Hendricks in round 4 vs GSP, where Hendricks greatest success came in that fight, off a flukey little slip/trip takedown. GSP's takedowns vs Hendricks would have had a far greater impact on concrete, then the takedowns Hendricks luckily managed to barely get.

Rob San Soo site profile image  

4/19/14 7:49 AM by Rob San Soo

Hendricks would murder him in the streets lol

Herman Munster site profile image  

4/19/14 7:45 AM by Herman Munster

I thought wrestle fuckers are just point fighters, and in the street, Pride fighters like Wand always win because of their more pure vale tudo background, Who would have thought, that being double legged on concrete can have some unfortunate consequences?? Too bad all GSP's title defenses weren't on the streets.