NSAC chooses former FBI agent Bob Bennett as new executive director


Steve Carp @stevecarprj
BREAKING NEWS: Las Vegas’ Bob Bennett selected as new executive director of the Nevada Athletic Commission. Vote was unanimous 5-0.

Keith Kizer resigned as executive director of the Nevada Athletic Commission, arguably the most powerful position in regulation, on Jan 10. After a search that drew 350 candidates for the $94,000 position, the commission unanimously voted 5-0 to select Bob Bennett of Las Vegas as the new executive director.

The field had been narrowed to four - executive director of the California State Athletic Commission Andy Foster, executive director of the Tennessee Athletic Commission Jeff Mullens, Michael Martino of Reno, and Bennett. Foster withdrew his candidacy last week, reducing the number to just three.

Bennett, a former Marine and FBI agent who currently oversees security at the Eight Judicial District Court and has been a boxing judge in Nevada since 2012, is expected to begin his new job in mid-May. 

“Bob has a unique set of skills, and he has shown an ability to adapt from being with the FBI and as an undercover agent,” NAC chairman Francisco Aguilar said. “He also understands the officials, and he knows the personalities of the promoters.”

“We’ll help him with whatever he needs to get acclimated in making the transition. It’s been a long process, but we’ve learned a lot and we’re excited to be moving forward.”

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quality site profile image  

4/21/14 10:03 AM by quality

No you're talking about Carol Burnett's husband, Bob Barker Burnett.

Rob Collins site profile image  

4/21/14 2:07 AM by Rob Collins


Rob Collins site profile image  

4/19/14 9:43 PM by Rob Collins


Musashi site profile image  

4/19/14 1:28 PM by Musashi

Isn't Bob Bennett the Price is Right guy?

jscorbett site profile image  

4/19/14 1:27 PM by jscorbett

I talked with Andy yesterday. He said he was just happy in California.

GnP Sonnen site profile image  

4/19/14 1:23 PM by GnP Sonnen

Ill take it

Sportmaster site profile image  

4/19/14 1:18 PM by Sportmaster

It's like most things, a good ole boys network. Most of these appointees have ties with the big money people that run Nevada gambling.

Rob Collins site profile image  

4/19/14 1:09 PM by Rob Collins

At this point as a fan of MMA, I would be all for getting a whole new set of NSAC commissioners too instead of all these "connected" Las Vegas old fart politicians who seemingly know little about the sport of MMA, in a MMA dominated state. I live in Canada but as a fan, I am so sick of the constant Nevada f*ckups ruining the sport and I am sure there are lots of people who agree with me.Just clean house in my humble opinion. All the boxing judges who judge MMA need to go ASAP. Start there. It is about time to get some new fresh life in that commission. How about getting some actual people who are familiar with the sport of MMA or Muay Thai instead of these tenured people who don't know sh*t about MMA and other combat sports. Most likely Patricia Morse Jarmen or Adalaide Byrd have never been punched in the face, arm barred or most likely have never even rolled once. Isn't Adalaide Byrd married to a former boxing referee? Is that why she is still judging? Something is fishy here.Who and where are the younger next generation of officials? There has to be people within the state of Nevada that know combat sports and MMA? Because it is time for some serious changes as in:Morse Jarmen needs to goAdalaide Byrd needs to goCecil Peoples needs to goTony Weeks needs to goKim Winslow needs to goMazzagatti needs to goGlen Trowbridge needs to goThere are probably others that I am forgettingWho are these people, how did they get in the NSAC, how long have they been there and what are their qualifications to run the NSAC from an MMA standpoint?Francisco V. Aguilar, Las VegasSkip Avansino, RenoBill D. Brady, Las Vegas Pat Lundvall, Las VegasAnthony A. Marnell III http://boxing.nv.gov/about/Ring_Officials_Inspectors/

quality site profile image  

4/19/14 12:25 PM by quality

It does say, “Bob has a unique set of skills." So I'm for it, for now.

crowbar site profile image  

4/19/14 12:18 PM by crowbar

Who knows,he might just have dinner and workout with Lorenzo & Frank on occasion or posibly be a former Station Casino`s employee.