Stann: Drug-testing issues 'major part' of why I retired


Marc Raimondi via FOX Sports

Brian Stann retired last year following consecutive losses and losing three of his four bouts. Stann is only thirty three and had been fighting professional for seven years, but part of his decision had to do with drug testing issues and not just his losses:

"It was a major part of me walking away from the sport," Stann said. "Knowing that I wasn't getting a fair shake played a big part, for sure."

Stann, who is now a FOX analyst and will be in the studio for FOX UFC Saturday, said he has a meeting with Travis Tygart, the CEO of the United States Anti-Doping Agency, and Robert Bennett, the new executive director of the Nevada Athletic Commission, next week. Like St-Pierre, Stann is tangibly trying to help clean up the sport.

"If all you're doing is testing night of the fight, [fighters] got to be stupid to get caught," Stann said.

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Jardines_Chin site profile image  

4/22/14 8:49 AM by Jardines_Chin

He's actually mentioned this before.. I don't understand how the guys getting trashed because he didnt want to fight against drug cheats?

Dogman site profile image  

4/22/14 8:19 AM by Dogman

Its popular to hate PED right now so its a good thing to say right? Stann may or may not believe it, but it makes a good sound bit for the public and cleans his image.

DrunkenKangarooZ site profile image  

4/22/14 8:11 AM by DrunkenKangarooZ

Sure he "retired" because they were cheaters and not because he couldn't make it to the top without getting steamrolled

rjhartman site profile image  

4/22/14 6:18 AM by rjhartman

Huh. I thought it was the lack of any discernible ground game and being a one trick pony that made him retire.

time traveling 12er site profile image  

4/22/14 4:26 AM by time traveling 12er

The unions in other sports actively fight more testing.  Unions aren't a magic wand that just fixes everything. 

attjack site profile image  

4/22/14 3:16 AM by attjack

Probably talking about guys like Chael. Steroids, testosterone, the works.

brewersfan25 site profile image  

4/22/14 1:40 AM by brewersfan25

Reagen didn't get punched in the face for a living you fucking goof

SporkChop site profile image  

4/22/14 12:25 AM by SporkChop

The size of Stann's head impresses me

Johnny Mclain site profile image  

4/22/14 12:16 AM by Johnny Mclain

The "Sport" is pretty fucked up at the moment.That is for sure

Detective Morgan site profile image  

4/21/14 11:50 PM by Detective Morgan

Agreed. Wand looked like a different person when he fought Chuck in the UFC after just leaving Pride. He was way smaller and just didn't have that 'oomph'