FOX 11 pulls 1.98 overnight rating, lowest FOX show ever


Since announcing a broadcast partnership in 2011, the UFC has hosted eleven events on the FOX network. Last night's event featured a heavyweight title eliminator, but the event failed to produce in the ratings, marking the lowest overnight rating for any of the eleven events:

The card may have been stacked, the event sold out at the Amway Center in Orlando, Florida, but the overnight ratings for UFC on FOX 11 are the lowest in the history of the series. According to TV By The Numbers, the event pulled an 0.8 rating in adults 18-49, and averaged 1.986 million viewers. That number is a 27 percent drop from January's UFC on FOX 10.

The numbers were good enough only to beat CBS in the share of adults 18 to 49 viewing, however, the event lost in total viewers to all the other major networks.

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Captfireeyes site profile image  

4/25/14 6:23 PM by Captfireeyes

Posts in a thread for two days straight, gets called out for being a paid poster... Never returns. Hmmm...

Captfireeyes site profile image  

4/22/14 5:26 PM by Captfireeyes

"If you're a TRUE fan, you buy everything, question nothing and say thank you to Uncle Dana for inventing the UFC"- Shills

rRooster site profile image  

4/22/14 5:09 PM by rRooster

This. Fox fights could have been such a great thing but Dana is too stingy. Now he's paying for it. Wait til the numbers for the next 3 ppv's come out. My prediction: 172: 300k 173: 180k 174: 130k

gregbrady site profile image  

4/22/14 3:15 PM by gregbrady

I never talk about mma to anyone I know and if it's brought up (which it hardly is anymore) I talk a lot of shit about it. I haven't bought a ppv in 5 yrs

gregbrady site profile image  

4/22/14 3:14 PM by gregbrady

Im at the point where I would just prefer mma fade back into obscurity. guys had to do the sport for the love of it back then but how is that really any different than now? All it's recent popularity has done is made a few parasites rich and billionaires even more money than they already had.the ones actually producing the product have barely benefited

kalt site profile image  

4/22/14 1:53 PM by kalt

UFC on Fox is already ruined... after 9 worthless shows full of flyweights and benson hendersons nobody gives a shit now. Aside from the first one with Cain and JDS, every one has been full of the fluff that Dana knows people won't pay for. Fox should sue the UFC over this, acting in bad faith on their deal. Fox wasn't gonna sign this deal with the UFC if they were only gonna get the boring shit Dana knows fight fans won't pay for. The Fox cards should be the most stacked of all to expand the sport. If Ronda isn't fighting on the Fox cards, somethign is seriously wrong. But Dana would rather make 5 bucks today than 500 bucks tomorrow... that's his MO.

Winston Wolf site profile image  

4/22/14 1:39 PM by Winston Wolf

and u wonder why

Brian Rule site profile image  

4/22/14 1:14 PM by Brian Rule

Or how about the JDS vs Cain 1 debacle, i.e. UFC on Fox 1.. a show built around literally one fight that lasted a minute, followed by Dana ranting on and on during the post-fight discussion. He managed to dog both fighters and gave practically no credit to Dos Santos for the KO. Instead of celebrating a huge KO he acted like a spoiled brat who lost his lunch money betting on Cain.

Hawthorne site profile image  

4/22/14 1:06 PM by Hawthorne

Part of the problem is that the UFC relies on its best fighters to make themselves into stars. Sometimes it happens, but many times it won't. It's up to the UFC to turn these guys into larger-than-life personalities.Look at Werdum's win over Browne. Instead of talking about what a killer Werdum is for beating Browne, and talking about how he took down Fedor, and creating some buzz around a matchup with Cain, what does Dana do? He talks him down and says he played it "safe".That's not marketing, that's called killing buzz and momentum.

12 site profile image  

4/22/14 12:54 PM by 12

the non dislosed payouts dont help,if gsp made 5 mill a fight and the ufc let ppl know about that,it makes the fight mean a little more.a guy getting 5 mill to fight gets ppl talking about it.