Travis Browne hand x-ray released


At the UFC on FOX 11 post-fight press conference, UFC president Dana White discussed Fabricio Werdum defeat of Travis Browne in the main event.

"He picked him apart," said White as transcribed by MMAFighting. "He fought a safe fight to guarantee he was going to get the [title shot]. I think he could have finished Travis, but Travis is a tough guy.

"My question was, how did Travis gas out two-and-a-half minutes into the first round? And they think he has a broken rib, they think he broke his rib in the first round. That would explain it. He definitely has a broken hand."

"I don't think we saw all of Werdum's tools tonight. I think he had him hurt in the first round, and now we know he might have a broken rib which totally explains why he would gas out halfway through the first round. It's a testament to how tough that guy is. To try and fight five rounds with a broken rib, that totally makes sense.

"I think Werdum played it safe tonight to guarantee that title shot, who knows what happens when he fights Cain. Because Cain is going to come right after him 100 percent. And, I'll tell you this too, any questions about Werdum's chin probably go away after that big shot he took in that first round. He got hit with a big right hand. I thought he was done, I thought the fight was about to be over, but he came back."

Werdum appeared at the post-fight press conference, but Browne did not. He was instead transported to the hospital.

When the Florida State Athletic Commission released the list of suspensions, there was no mention of a broken rib or hand.

However, BJJ coach Ricky Lundell posted an image clearly showing that the hand was indeed broken. 

Ricky Lundell @Rickylundell
Update on @travisbrowneMMA : Here's the hand break pic from when Browne dropped Werdum in Round 1 on #UFConFOX11 #ufc 

Ricky Lundell @Rickylundell
@travisbrowneMMA Mental toughness off the charts!!! I'm a proud #teambrowne member! 

Whos to say it was in the 1st round? @danawhite @travisbrowneMMA

Ricky Lundell @Rickylundell
Corner recording between r1 &2...haha, lol

Ricky Lundell @Rickylundell
•@arielhelwani only a coaches pride4his athletes HEART/fan update. No excuses, Werdum won.@travisbrowneMMA s truly a gritty man& Im impressed
•"@arielhelwani" Werdum beat Browne. Its no secret. And Nothing changes/belittles victory. This update is just 2give fan facts on how/when the injuries took place& 4those caring about Browne's recovery.@ufc = best fans worldwide


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Malvert the Janitor site profile image  

4/23/14 5:29 AM by Malvert the Janitor

If it weren't for that broken hand, right?

civ77 site profile image  

4/23/14 5:03 AM by civ77

Word. Werdum got that Machida swagger, swaggin out his punches n such. Also looks like Rafa Mendes' big brother when the fight hits the canvas. Cain gon get fits with this one.

Yussarian site profile image  

4/23/14 4:42 AM by Yussarian

Isn't it normal that fighters get injured in a fight? Isn't that what they are trying to accomplish inside the cage? Posting x-rays on Twitter will only look like an excuse, especially when the 1st round is mentioned. Didn't Roy Nelson broke his hand and won?

DoomFarmer site profile image  

4/21/14 10:50 PM by DoomFarmer

You were just blatantly wrong about the outcome of this fight, period.

dermotfix site profile image  

4/21/14 9:10 PM by dermotfix

ribs fingers  gas tank chin whatever   Werdum looked 50 times better than Browne saturday night 

tikmovado site profile image  

4/21/14 8:45 PM by tikmovado

So Fabricio Werdum broke his hand and his ribs and his foot.Man he beat his ass.Any other way of looking at this is dumb. You punch a hard skull and the SKULL broke your hand not you.

orcus site profile image  

4/21/14 8:17 PM by orcus

I don't know why anyone is making a big deal out of this. I know I was wondering what Travis's problem was; why he had zero gas after the first round, why he hardly threw any punches. Getting injured in the first explains it. It's hardly an "excuse" for losing, it's a REASON for looking so bad in the remainder of the fight.

Bipolar site profile image  

4/21/14 7:37 PM by Bipolar

You see? This is what happens when you try to fight outside of your skill-set. Browne tried to be someone he's not and he got exposed. He needs to stay with what he knows; 12-6 elbows to the back of his opponents' heads. When he tries to get all crazy with actual legal striking or grappling he's just a 6'7 punching bag.

zazen br site profile image  

4/21/14 5:31 PM by zazen br

Werdum striking improved from average to really good in about 3 years. This is why he is now so scary and I picked him to win.