Wand: Chael's a racist


Chael Sonnen and Wanderlei Silva are opposing coach on TUF Brazil 3, and by all appearances, do not get along.

Things came to a head when the pair brawled, leaving Sonnen with bruises and a cut, and Wand with an injured back. The fight was then rescheduled, from May 31 in Sao Paulo, Brazil to July 5 in Las Vegas, Nevada.

The brawl followed weeks of Wand demanding an apology for a number of disparaging remarks Sonnen has directed towards Brazil over the years.

"If I say something in a very private manner that isn't intended for a certain audience, come on, you can't hold that against me," said Sonnen in 2011 "I picked my medium very carefully when I talked about Brazil. I went to the internet. And if I had the foggiest idea that they had computers in Brazil, I wouldn't have done that."

Another time he tweeted offensively to Anderson Silva's manager, Ed Soares.

"Ed, pray to whatever Demon effigy you prance and dance in front of with your piglet tribe of savages that I decide not to CRUCIFY you," he tweeted.

No apology has been forthcoming from Sonnen. However, Sonnen's antics aside, he is a highly intelligent and compelling figure, and by some miracle, even on reality television, some of that came through. In an unexpected turn, the Brazilian audience is turning towards The Gangster from Oregon.

Now Wand has posted a 2011 image of Sonnen being interviewed, with text in Brazilian Portuguese, relating to a potential fight in Brazil with then champion Anderson Silva.

"If they sell 100,000 tickets I hope they put them in a nice ball, turn them sideways and shove them straight up their a--," it reads. "That’s what they can do with the Brazilian crowd."

Esse cara é racista não merece nosso respeito eu não ficaria bravo sem motivos isso é somente uma declaração a nosso respeito,agora se quer torcer pra ele tudo bem, merece meu respeito !!! Fique a vontade!!Não concordo com ele acho que nossa torcida deve se unir neste momento!! Juntos temos a força!!!

(This guy is a racist and he doesn’t deserve our respect. I wouldn’t be mad at him if I had no reasons to be. This is just one of the things he said about us. Now, if you want to cheer for him be my guest, you deserve my respect. I don’t agree with him and I think we should be united this time. We’re stronger together.)*

Naturally Sonnen responded.

chael sonnen ‏@sonnench 
@wandfc would like to get this tweet out. He has no followers, so let's help him. #teamnoapologies 

*Translation courtesy of Guilherme Cruz, for MMAFighting.

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KING Stannis Baratheon site profile image  

4/24/14 2:18 AM by KING Stannis Baratheon

Buddy he said these comments about Anderson Silvas wife to goad AS into an emotional fight.AS didn't really care about the comments so it's really not for anyone else to get upset about but him.Wandy has played this all wrong.. Even most of the TUF Brazilians are rallying behind Chael which means even they don't care about some prefight comments Chael made to sell a fight and the PPV.As for Chaels fans being the worst sort you need to wake up.. What Wandy and Dido did is a million times worse and most people see it for its thuggish stupidity.

SQUEEZIE site profile image  

4/23/14 2:19 PM by SQUEEZIE

seriously.how would you feel if a man told you(or someone you like/are a fan of) he would slap your wife's ass and have her make him a steak. after he has been talking tons of shit about your country/race and how he going to beat your ass. sch-tic or not i could see how that might want to make some ppl cause him hurt. p.s. i liked chael way before he started going overboard with the wwe stuff but do think some of his material is funny...but a lot of it isn't and his newer fans are the worst kinda fans there is.

SQUEEZIE site profile image  

4/23/14 2:06 PM by SQUEEZIE

earned by cheating?

jmcdowel site profile image  

4/23/14 1:14 PM by jmcdowel

I like Chael's response

fracnoc site profile image  

4/23/14 8:28 AM by fracnoc

Does any other Brazilian care about what chael said? I don't think so. Wandy has been making a fool of himself for awhile now.

THE TROPHY BUCK site profile image  

4/23/14 7:46 AM by THE TROPHY BUCK

I was gonna say the ink from his tattoo got to his brain but I forgot he ain't got any damn brains

KING Stannis Baratheon site profile image  

4/23/14 7:37 AM by KING Stannis Baratheon

Agreed.. The unwarranted racist card surely is the play of a drowning man grasping at straws..Much like tipping off Sonnens team (in Portuguese) that he is ragging them out behind their back.Say that shit in English and at least give Sonnen a chance to refute that rubbish.

Ryan Black site profile image  

4/23/14 7:30 AM by Ryan Black

@MisterHawkeMMA: VTFU for a great summary of the timeline of events.

jacktripper site profile image  

4/23/14 1:16 AM by jacktripper

Great job at making the term "racist" even more watered down and meaningless

BeauTown site profile image  

4/23/14 1:00 AM by BeauTown

Can't wait for Chael to destroy this muppet