White: Odds on Glover Teixeira are INSANE


UFC president Dana White recently appeared on ESPN's SportsNation with Michelle Beadle for a wide ranging discussion.

Glover Teixeira odds

"Right now [Glover Teixeira] is an almost five to one underdog. THAT'S INSANE. That guy has not lost in almost nine years. He's got knockout power in both hands. He's got great wrestling. This is a tough fight for Jones, and Jon knows it, too."

On PEDs in the UFC

"PEDs have been cleaned up in the UFC. What people don't realize is, the rule used to be, when commissions used to test athletes, they'd do the main event, and they'd have a couple of random tests. We've been testing everybody on the cards. Everybody's been getting tested. It's been a long time since somebody has tested for PEDs in the UFC.

"The TRT thing was a nightmare for me, and thank God the athletic commissions got rid of it."

Worried about Ronda Rousey leaving to become an action movie star?

"No, not at all. I want her to do whatever she thinks is best for her. She's been fantastic, not only for the UFC but for the women's division. And you know, she's talking about her future in walking away. It's going to be a while before Ronda Rousey walks away from the UFC."

"She is so good. Michelle, I have never across somebody like this… She'll fight anybody, anywhere, any time. She even said 'I'll fight on 24 hours notice.' There's never been a female athlete in combat sports like her. And to be honest with you, there aren't many men in combat sports like her either."

On Joe Rogan saying Ronda Rousey would beat Floyd Mayweather. 

"Yah. You put Ronda Rousey in any fight situation, a street fight, a mixed martial arts fight, not only does she beat Floyd, she'll hurt Floyd really bad."

"But, you put Ronda Rousey in a boxing match, obviously you know what's going to happen there. But a real fight, Ronda Rousey will hurt Floyd. 

"I don't know how many people have seen Floyd Mayweather in real life, he's this big. [Hold hand rib high]. He's this big. Ronda get's her hands on him, she'll hurt him. I have seen Ronda throw big men, and hurt them."

Most surprising UFC fan?

"Mandy Moore. You wouldn't expect Mandy Moore to be a fan but she's a hug fan and knows a lot about the sport.

Why he uses a flip phone.

"let me tell you I travel all over the world, I am on the phone all the time, that battery lasts three days, okay? All you dummies with the iPhones out there, and your battery  lasts 15 minutes, good luck to ya."

"I don't need 50 apps on my phone. I don't need to play video games on my phone. I need to talk. I need to get business done. And I need to text. That phone's perfect for me."

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Recent Comments »

HarryPalms site profile image  

4/26/14 1:48 PM by HarryPalms

Floyd might not have one punch KO power by boxing standards. But he is a world class boxer with flawless technique which means that by 'normal person' standards he hits like a truck. He certainly hits a FUCK TONNE harder than any of the girls that Ronda has been punched by and probably anyone she has ever sparred against. He is also lightning quick, and can make the best boxers in the world miss him when he is standing right in front of them in a little cornered off boxing ring.Whether on the street or in the cage, Ronda wouldn't be able to lay a hand on him if he didn't want her to.The only way she has a chance if he somehow froze up and forgot decades of experience and technique and allowed her to close up and grapple him. I can't see anyway that happens. Ronda got clocked cleanly trying to close distance her last two fights and while she can get away with it vs the very rudimentary striking from the girls UFC class, give Floyd that opening and she KTFO.

Bofbro site profile image  

4/26/14 1:27 PM by Bofbro

LOL at this BS

HERTSWENIP site profile image  

4/26/14 1:20 PM by HERTSWENIP

Hate to say it, but I think if Ronda did an old school Gracie stomp-kick to clinch on PBF, it'd work.You gotta remember Floyd spends zero time training to defend takedowns and clinches. If Ronda did that, instead of walking into him like a zombie...

TARRat site profile image  

4/26/14 8:20 AM by TARRat

You know what I find truly funny in the whole Rousey-Mayweather debate? Nobody - that I've seen, anyway - has addressed what Ronda said on the matter a few months back.IIRC, she basically admitted that her only "real" chance would be to butt-scoot so that he'd lose his boxing/punching edge. As such, I find it silly to try to argue whether or not Mayweather would KO her when she went in for the clinch/throw or if she'd get the clinch first. Because that's not what she'd do. Or so she says.Now, you want to argue if her plan would be effective? Sure, that makes sense.

man meets tate site profile image  

4/26/14 2:20 AM by man meets tate

rousey beats mayweather in a street fight 9 out of 10 floyd only has a puncher's chance funny to see a bunch of internet warriors arguing against dana, rogan and kenny florian

ThePeoplesYhundi site profile image  

4/26/14 1:56 AM by ThePeoplesYhundi

I wonder what Floyd would think of this discussion

MrColdCock site profile image  

4/26/14 1:02 AM by MrColdCock

For the people picking Rousey. My question is, how does Floyd do against Sarah Kaufman or Tate in MMA?Curious to see where the middle ground is.

OmaGogo site profile image  

4/26/14 12:58 AM by OmaGogo

That's always been the debate (MMA). I don't care about street fights because my thought is who can draw their gun the fastest... I mean, that's "street", right?

Barry_BondsMVP site profile image  

4/26/14 12:49 AM by Barry_BondsMVP

some keep saying MMA fight, Dana said a street fight.

OmaGogo site profile image  

4/26/14 12:47 AM by OmaGogo

I'm just talking an MMA fight. Neither fight for free. :) Ronda in a boxing match, gets brutally KO'd. Anyone thinking anything else is delusional. We're talking the best boxer in the world crossing over to MMA to display how much more is needed in the cage than simply boxing. To do that, we are pairing him up with the best woman in the world, Ronda.I don't imagine Floyd's strength advantage over Ronda is more than Melvin Gullard's strength advantage was over Joe Lauzon. Melvin is a strong dude. I think Rashad was saying he just comes in cold throwing up 305 on the bench back on TUF 2. You think that dude is not probably twice as strong on the weights as Joe?Grappling is not about superior strength and speed. It is about superior technique and mat experience. I've seen browns at 145 school fit in shape blues at 205. Royce proved it against a much stronger Shamrock, the Gracies in the Gracie challenges proved it against wrestlers twice their size, strength, and speed. You cannot go into a fight against a world class grappler with "a bit of take down defense training" or knowing "some moves". It didn't help Toney against Randy. Local to me, a kid I went to school with is a pro boxer, Litzau, and he took an MMA fight and got taken down and choked out by a guy having his first pro fight, I think just a blue belt. Great boxer, but that alone with "a few months of tdd" isn't enough.Floyd has a chance, absolutely, I give it 50/50. He must avoid the clinch, he must alter is boxing stance, he cannot leave his lead leg forward otherwise he'll get ankle picked. Then he takes on the MMA boxing stance which we all hear criticized as "sloppy and bad technique". Floyd is faster, he is stronger, his boxing is AMAZING, WORLD CLASS, I have nothing but love for his boxing. But he cannot avoid a clinch in boxing as someone over-commits to close the distance, and the ref is there to break and restart from a clinch. He'd literally have to run from a girl at times. On the other hand, Ronda could not come at him like she is going to exchange to get in there. It would be ugly. She does tend to power through closing the distance just throwing some hands as a distraction. It would be sloppy and inefficient against Floyd. She'd just dive on his ankle or crouch and stalk and lunge up to his waist. What punches is he going to get off at that rate? he is going to stay out of harms way?So I suggest, my opinion is valid because I have A) acknowledged Floyd's superior strength, speed, striking and possibility to win as well as B) acknowledge that a world class athlete with no grappling experience has no chance on the ground against a woman of similar weight who has world class grappling experience.