Palhares pulls out of Fitch fight, WSoF VP not impressed


World Series of Fighting, executive vice president Ali Abdel-Aziz is angry.

Josh Burkman and Gerald Harris bitterly complained about their contracts, then he released Andrei Arlovski from his contract so he could sign with the UFC, and now Rousimar Palhares has pulled out of the main event fight vs. Jon Fitch on July 5, citing personal reasons.

"Enough is enough," Abdel-Aziz told Ariel Helwani. "We're getting screwed. I'm trying to put on a fight card and be nice to fighters, and now they don't want to fight each other.

"I have to put WSoF first and everyone else second. No more Mr. Nice Guy."

"I'm getting sick of this. If a fighter is not going to respect the promotion, he is going to be shelved for a long time. I will not release anyone to another promotion. Fighters must honor their contracts."

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In an official statement, Palhares detailed the cause.

My friends, I love this sport, and will never give up on a fight. Accept any challenge, is the mark of a true warrior.

Unfortunately right now my family and I, we are facing a big fight, the fight for health, for life. My mother had 13 children, and devoted her life to educate and raised me, my brothers and sisters. At this point God tells me that I need to focus 100 percent of my life to take care of my mother. I'm doing everything possible, dedicating myself to the fullest in order to ensure that the person who put me in this world will be health again.

It wouldn't be fair to Jon Fitch, to the fans that look up to me, and also with the WSOF if I go out there to performance myself without being in the best of my shape, technique and psychological conditions. It wouldn't be fair to the MMA, our sport always determines that the athlete should be at his best limit to compete, it is no room for a mistake.

I understand that in the business field and as the capitalist world that we live in today that decision may not please everyone, but I'm a human being just like everyone else. As a good son it's time for me to take care of my mother, she needs me.

Palhares' manager Alex Davis provided with further details.

"'Toquinho' had to withdraw from the fight because his mother has health issues," said Davis. "He would not be able to focus on the fight with his mother in this condition. He had to choose for his mother’s health, since she will have to undergo a complicated surgery."

Davis also said that bout agreements were never signed. The operation will hopefully take place on May 15, with a 20 day recovery, meaning that if all goes well Palhares would be ready to fight in Aug on September.

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ender852 site profile image  

5/3/14 12:54 AM by ender852

That's Alhazred LOL!! but vote up for the mad arab reference. obviously the Fertitas have one of the Latin copies of the Necronomicon, it's why they are so successful in that sinful desert town.

El_Geronimo_de_Gato site profile image  

5/2/14 10:46 PM by El_Geronimo_de_Gato

And shields has still finished more fights than Chael etc etc etc. Very convenient the way you gloss over everything you cant produce any type of counter argument for no matter how evasive or false or trivializing that counter argument may be.And the ironing of ending with the epithet "dumbass" ( it will elude you )

El_Geronimo_de_Gato site profile image  

5/2/14 10:42 PM by El_Geronimo_de_Gato

No my argument was that your argument is/was completely flawed and nonsensical.Yeah Hendo is the pinnacle of action. His recent fights against Rashad and Machida were -- by Jim Ross's standards -- Barn Burners. Absolute frenetic chaos.

teamquestnorth site profile image  

5/2/14 11:22 AM by teamquestnorth

You're argument is that hendo doesnt finish fights lol? Why dont you ask shogun, wanderlei, renzo, bisping, feijao, babalu, and fedor about that.Shields and fitch together could only hope to be 10% as exciting as a dan henderson fight.You're a dumbass. Go back to lurking

BJTT-SGT606 site profile image  

5/2/14 9:29 AM by BJTT-SGT606

Might as well call the event "Ambien".

Musashi site profile image  

5/2/14 5:06 AM by Musashi

Palhares is everything but professional. It's amazing that any promotion will have anything to do with him.

AlmandoLio site profile image  

5/2/14 4:59 AM by AlmandoLio

I will drink 10 cans of energy drink then watch this fight....

El_Geronimo_de_Gato site profile image  

5/2/14 3:36 AM by El_Geronimo_de_Gato

More deranged "logic" I see.Sheilds has more career finishes than Sonnen, and almost as many as hendo ( who bears a nickname specifically denoting his inability to finish fights and win by the smallest margins possible -- DECISION DAN HENDERSON?!?!? )In most of Chael's fights he never even attempts to finish. He sets up shop in his opponents guard, makes 0 effort to pass, and shiatsu massages their face with embarrassing brand of GnP, which lacks all characteristics of malicious intent one would deem necessarily present in order to assert "effort to finish".But hey, at least you re consistent. Consistently annoying ; consistently incorrect in almost every observation regarding MMA ; consistently an indefeasible cunt.PS : SHIELDS DOMINATED HENDERSON! DOMINATED. He made Hendo look C-Level at best.aaaaanddd........Boom.

El_Geronimo_de_Gato site profile image  

5/2/14 3:24 AM by El_Geronimo_de_Gato


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5/1/14 9:08 PM by Jack_Bauer

LMAO voted up


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