Teixeira shoulder torn, needs surgery


Ariel Helwani is reporting that Glover Teixeira suffered a torn labrum in his fight Saturday night vs. Jon Jones. It was the first loss for Teixeira in 20 fights and nine years.

Teixeira took an MRI in Connecticut on Friday, which led to the diagnosis of a tear. The date and place for surgery has not yet been determined.

The injury was caused at 3:49 of the very first round, when Jones improvised a move that he had wanted to try since high school wrestling where it is illegal. Jones whizzered a loose underhook, and simply cranked up several times. For the rest of the fight, Glover's feared right hand was at one surgery less than full strength. And he never told his corner.

"When I found out after the fight about the injury, it broke my heart," Hackleman said. "Had I known, I probably would have stopped it even though everyone would have hated my guts.

"So he just fought on with a torn labrum, swinging. It wasn't like he was running, he was moving forward and banging. It's unbelievable to think of going five rounds with Jones like that. And we're not taking anything away from Jones because he caused the injury. Both the eye and the shoulder. So kudos to Jones for doing that. They are both legal moves. He didn't try to hurt Glover intentionally, he did what he had to do to win.

"It just shows the mental fortitude and toughness of Glover. It shows what he's capable of. It made me proud, man."

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Torn Labrum

The socket of the shoulder joint is extremely shallow, and very unstable. This means that the bones of the shoulder are not held in place adequately. Thus, the shoulder joint has a cuff of cartilage called a labrum that forms a cup for the end of the arm bone to move within.

The labrum circles the shallow shoulder socket to make the socket deeper. This cuff of cartilage makes the shoulder joint much more stable, and allows for a very wide range of movements.

The labrum is made of a thick tissue that is susceptible to injury with trauma to the shoulder joint.

Source: http://www.pamf.org/teen/health/Sports/tornlabrum.html

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dragoon247 site profile image  

5/4/14 9:51 PM by dragoon247

Its the same move Mike Tyson did to Lou Savarese, Holyfield, Botha and others.

TexDeuce site profile image  

5/4/14 1:05 AM by TexDeuce


DoomFarmer site profile image  

5/4/14 12:25 AM by DoomFarmer

You have no idea what I'm referring to.

JeffersonDArcyChoke site profile image  

5/3/14 11:57 PM by JeffersonDArcyChoke

Elbows to the face can have such an effect. Same with a flying knee. This is the hurt business it isn't rolling on a mat in Abu Dhabi for handshakes. Does it suck when guys like this get hurt?YES. But it's no dirtier or unsportsmanlike than trying to smash a nose through the back of a head.

emu67 site profile image  

5/3/14 11:46 PM by emu67

Shoulder lock move from standing is totally legit. his eye pokes are plain dirty and the reaching out with your fingers should be illegal.

Diesel67 site profile image  

5/3/14 11:40 PM by Diesel67

<So noble> Fighting is not about nobility. It's about viciousness, savagery an doing whatever it takes.  MMA is pussified enough thanks to the BS Unified Rules.  Jones is the one I want by my side in the back alleys of Fallujah, not some point fighter afraid he'll hurt the enemy.

CaptChaos site profile image  

5/3/14 10:57 PM by CaptChaos

So it sounds like a few posters have had this injury. Some say it's wakeful and others not so bad. The good news is Glover will probably be seeing the very best doctors. Who knows how bad it is at this point.The fact that he continued to fight is a good sign. There's a difference being hurt and injured. If he was injured he would not have been able to throw a punch. I don't care how much adrenaline he has going through his veins.

dragoon247 site profile image  

5/3/14 8:13 PM by dragoon247

Wow what a dirty move. Gotta do what u gotta do I guess. Its within the rules.

iVaporize site profile image  

5/3/14 8:06 PM by iVaporize

im just gonna say i have had a torn labrum before and it really wasnt that debilitating, i didnt even know it was torn for a long time and i got it fixed after a few months

UGCTT_EnderTL site profile image  

5/3/14 7:47 PM by UGCTT_EnderTL

They should stop trying to KO each other with one punch as well.