Werdum: I will try to break [Velasquez's] game


Fabricio Werdum will one of the biggest threats to Cain Velasquez's title he has faced. Werdum brings a well-rounded striking game and one of the best jiu-jitsu games in the heavyweight division, which he believes will lead him to victory:

"I will move a lot and avoid the clinch close to the fence," he said. "If he takes me down, I have to go for submissions with armbars, triangles and omoplatas or sweep him. A sweep would be important because we never saw how Velasquez fights with his back on the ground. He would have two options, give his back while trying to get back up or work his guard. Anything can happen, but we are still thinking about the strategy."

"I believe he will try to do what he usually does," Werdum continued. "He will move forward and put me close to the fence and take me down to get on top. I don’t know if he will try to do some ground and pound or just score points and get back up.

"He’s really good, but I will do my best to break his game. I will get there with the right strategy to win, but I would love to get the knockout or a submission."

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Galanis site profile image  

5/7/14 6:57 PM by Galanis

Everyone has underestimated Werdum in all of his big fights. He's done pretty damn well in each one IMO. The guy beat Fedor, fair and square, when he was unbeatable. He did it in a minute, too. That's something to behold. Cain has never fought anyone with even a fraction of the BJJ skill Werdum has (old, way past it Nog doesn't come close). This fight is going to be crazy, I can't wait. I can't blame people for picking Cain because he is a monster. In fact, I'm torn on who I think will actually win. Either guy could be called a bad matchup for the other when you highlight certain points. I have a feeling this goes down as the best HW title fight of the 2010s

FerrisWheeler site profile image  

5/7/14 6:50 PM by FerrisWheeler

And I also see an uppercut by Werdum ala JDS/Werdum when Cain is walking in thinking Werdum can't hurt him.

FerrisWheeler site profile image  

5/7/14 6:48 PM by FerrisWheeler

Werdum is stronger than Cain I think. If they do clinch, we'll see that...same if they go on the ground.Only way Cain wins this is by standing KO or TKO. I want to see how faster he is than Werdum.

Bobby Lupo site profile image  

5/7/14 6:09 PM by Bobby Lupo

I wouldn't be shocked if Werdum got the better of the fight standing.  Werdum better come in fit at around 235 if he wants to make it a fight. A fat, sloppy Werdum is a deadman. He needs to be in the best fighting shape of his life. Cain V at 8,000 ft altitude is a god damn nightmare.

MasterofMartialArts site profile image  

5/7/14 6:07 PM by MasterofMartialArts

I attribute that more to Werdum playing it safe to get the win, rather than just being physically unable to finish Browne. I think he could have turned it up any point and finished him in that fight. I wouldn't say anyone wins this fight "easy", Werdum presents some challenges with his style of Muay Thai and his BJJ. Cain has his boxing, wrestling and pace. He could dominate Werdum, or it may be close fight, who knows. That's what's exciting about this fight, is there are so many possibilities.

DoomFarmer site profile image  

5/7/14 4:10 PM by DoomFarmer

Motherfucking WerDOOM

subwrassler site profile image  

5/7/14 3:16 PM by subwrassler

someone had better tell Werdum that Cain will actually be trying to take his head off with punches...standinghe seems to think cain will employ the same strategy he did against Dos Santos.

RyannVonDoom site profile image  

5/7/14 2:00 PM by RyannVonDoom

Done underestimating werdum. Learned that lesson with the fedor fight.

bluesville site profile image  

5/7/14 12:11 PM by bluesville

Werdum, classy as ever.

storey140990 site profile image  

5/7/14 11:54 AM by storey140990

Jacare Souza ?