Brown earns additional $100,000


As soon as the first round end, it was all but a given that Matt Brown and Erik Silva would be award the 'fight of the night' bonus. That did indeed come to pass and in addition Brown was also awarded a 'performance of the night bonus. UFC President Dana White announced the bonuses at the post-fight press conference:

Fight of the Night: Erik Silva vs. Matt Brown

Performance of the Night: Matt Brown

Performance of the Night: Johnny Eduardo

Each athlete was awarded an additional $50,000 on top of their individual purses for each award.


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Outlaw'd by Lytle site profile image  

5/12/14 11:32 AM by Outlaw'd by Lytle

Stopped reading at 'Eric Silva is young"He's 29 for fucks sake.

suspiciouslyofficial site profile image  

5/12/14 10:59 AM by suspiciouslyofficial

Trolling trolls troll.

FightToLive site profile image  

5/12/14 10:26 AM by FightToLive

Herb Dean should be banned as a ref for not stopping it much earlier!Also Shame on his corner for not throwing in the towel! Seriously!!!

Stea1th site profile image  

5/12/14 10:23 AM by Stea1th

Silva has been fighting forever though but I do agree beating the champ and getting paid shit is laughable

dabigguy site profile image  

5/11/14 3:43 PM by dabigguy

I give Brown much more respect now, but Eric Silva is young and kinda dumb. He fought the same way against Fitch. He makes an awesome combination and hurts him and then stops. Brown has also exposed a major weakness! Jordan Meins kicked (and hit) him in the liver twice and didn't pursue him when he was hurt and Siva did the exact same thing. They both let him recover and Brown is not the kind of guy to let recover cuz he just goes snake a few seconds later even when he's hurt cuz he got excellent survival mode. He still needs to beat a top 10 to prove himself. As for money! Not one fighter in the UFC is given enough!! $8000 is an insult but guys want and need to be seen to shine. The UFC might have not made too much years ago but now they're rolling in it. DFW can go to the casino and lose 5 million and not blink but he can't pay a fighter who's risking everything to put on a show. White treats these guys like Mike Vick does dogs! If this is the so called ELITE of the ELITE fighting championships then pay accordingly. Too many guys gotta work just to survive too. That's what the small shows are for. Guys paid there dues there to make it big and get shit on unless they get the belt. Weidman got $50,000 (plus his 50K bonus) for beating Silva (the first time) who got at least a million after the PPV points and shit. It just ain't right.

hook_13 site profile image  

5/11/14 3:40 PM by hook_13

I was there and it was amazing that whole place exploded! Great fight so glad I could see it live!

Richie Muldanno site profile image  

5/11/14 2:31 PM by Richie Muldanno

Do you know that floyd mayweather wipes his ass with this kind of money. Brown deserves 500 k for that performance. And silva deserves 250 at least.

The Sultan site profile image  

5/11/14 2:24 PM by The Sultan

Yea man. Hope so too. Ive always liked brown.

Calavaro site profile image  

5/11/14 2:03 PM by Calavaro

I hope Brown got another 100k, undisclosed. And Silva got 100k as well. This is what keeps the UFC going, make no mistake.