Twitter reacts to epic Matt Brown vs. Erik Silva fight


Matt Brown and Erik Silva waged one of the best fights in recent history and maybe one of the best first rounds in the history of the sport.

It's always great to see what other UFC fighters think of a fight or performance, and there is no better way to than to scour Twitter during and after a big fight. In this particular case, Twitter went nuts reacting to the first round and fight:

@danawhite: Holy shit!!!!! Put on @foxsports1

@dc_mma: @IamTheImmortal is the man! My goodness what a fight! Gets u so excited! He broke him!

@cowboycerrone: How are you @ufc main even with a 3:00 gas tank?   What the Fuck people

@sergiopettis: Holy shit that first round alone deserves a fight of the night bonus !!! @ufc #UFCFightNight

@aaronsimpson: Just became a Matt Brown fan. Wow. Always liked his style, but that was the best I've seen him. @ufc

@tj_grant: Amazing amazing amazing. Matt Brown is all man.

@cungLe185: @IamTheImmortal is a beast! Man on fire! @ufc @UFCTonight

@FuryJury: I love a great street fight and Matt Brown is good for one every time he fights. Huge heart! He needs to be on every @ufc! #UFCFightNight


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youarewhatiswrong site profile image  

5/11/14 5:05 PM by youarewhatiswrong

He's a huge welterweight, and I'm sure he has a very difficult weight cut. His options are to either lay off the body building, trim down and make welterweight easier or move up to middleweight.

TheHaunted2 site profile image  

5/11/14 5:02 PM by TheHaunted2

It was a good fight, but would not call a one sided beating one of the best fights ever

njbIII site profile image  

5/11/14 4:24 PM by njbIII

Just re-watched the fight again. Matt brown didn't land anything significant before it went to the ground. They talked about how silva had new people around him for this camp, less people so they focused on him more. He still gassed supposedly his diet is terrible. Maybe he needs to go to 155 with a good diet and better camp. He would beat everybody if he could last more than 5 min

Beefy Wellington site profile image  

5/11/14 3:50 PM by Beefy Wellington

Ya feel me!?! I mean don't get me wrong I love watching the Cowboy ride, but he defiantly ain't no race horse jocky :-/

jasonhightower site profile image  

5/11/14 1:39 PM by jasonhightower

I need to watch that fight again. It was nothing short of amazing and Rogan said it perfectly that Brown drug Silva into Hell.

sublime13 site profile image  

5/11/14 1:35 PM by sublime13

Lol at the sudden disdain for the Cowboy and also thinking Silva wasn't gassed after Brown got back up.

Vikingknee site profile image  

5/11/14 1:20 PM by Vikingknee

This And Diaz made Cerrone quit after like 1 minute.

mada site profile image  

5/11/14 12:29 PM by mada

As long as he's the one giving the beating. He looks terrible every time he loses momentum and never gets it back. The same liver kick Brown came back from stopped cerrone several fights ago

Roberto Silva site profile image  

5/11/14 12:11 PM by Roberto Silva

Lol best thing i have heard on the internets.So funny and accurate.Well done :-)

jmfp site profile image  

5/11/14 12:09 PM by jmfp

I would love to see Cerrone move up for a fight against Matt Brown. You know the shit would hit the fan in that cage.