Tito: Some guy on CL selling my stolen stuff


Tito Ortiz, who fights Bellator middleweight champion Alexander Shlemenko live on PPV on May 17, recently posted on social media that items stolen from his home had turned up on CraigsList.

Tito Ortiz @titoortiz
This stuff was stolen from my home. I hope this guys does right or jail. Someone is selling a bunch of your things.

Tito Ortiz MMA Stuff UFC Memorabilia - Found in Storage Locker (Downey)
I found a bunch of items that belonged to Tito Ortiz (UFC Champ) in a storage locker. Items include pictures, prints, fighting gloves, Punishment banners that appear to be used during his fights, letters to him and Jenna Jameson, fighting contracts, schedules, VHS tapes of his fights, all kinds of stuff. THIS STUFF IS NOT STOLEN, I BOUGHT THEM AT A STORAGE LOCKER AND LEGALLY I AM NOW THE OWNER. I have the receipt as proof. I am taking offers, looking for at least 3K and when you factor in all the items and their value, you are getting a great price. For example there are 350 prints, sell them for $10 each, that alone is $3,500.
Make me a serious offer!!

Hopefully Ortiz contacts the appropriate authorities and recovers his stolen property.

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Seats Taken site profile image  

5/15/14 10:55 AM by Seats Taken

Haha that^^^^ If that wasn't the case, people would be robbing everyone blind then putting it in storage lockers and buying them back after awhile and being the legal owner.

FightToLive site profile image  

5/15/14 10:52 AM by FightToLive

It was OJ!!

buddie site profile image  

5/15/14 10:50 AM by buddie


GripnRip site profile image  

5/15/14 12:53 AM by GripnRip

Given the prolonged history of mental illness of both Tito and Jenna, I would be much more inclined to believe the average craigslist guy over either of them...sorry tito.

Moaozinho site profile image  

5/15/14 12:21 AM by Moaozinho

People aren't getting it.  You cannot legally sign over any stolen property I steal a vehicle I place an ad on CL to sell the vehicle I make a contract that says the purchaser now legally owns the car once he pays me X amount The contract in #3 is not legally binding.  That contract will not hold up, regardless of how well it is written.  The vehicle was stolen and any sales/transactions based on a stolen item are null/void.  

PoiuPoiu site profile image  

5/14/14 9:22 PM by PoiuPoiu

no, not true. even if a 3rd party buys it legally , they are still stolen items, and rightfully belong to the original owner.proving it, or insurance pay off, is another matter

RyannVonDoom site profile image  

5/14/14 11:21 AM by RyannVonDoom

Should have made a dummy email account to get the info and "buy it" back.... Let the cops know etc...

FerrisWheeler site profile image  

5/14/14 9:59 AM by FerrisWheeler

still wondering how many Oxys Jenna bought by selling all that shit

BRZ site profile image  

5/14/14 9:46 AM by BRZ

Maybe if you have proof they were in the locker. Did Tito ever file a police report? Because if he didn't he going to have a hard time proving it.

buddie site profile image  

5/14/14 9:33 AM by buddie

You shouldn't have to buy your own property back if it is stolen. If someone buys something that is stolen, it doesn't belong to them. It wasn't the seller's property to sell. The buyer needs to take the seller to court to reclaim his losses.