Ortiz: I'll roll over every Bellator light heavyweight


Last night Tito Ortiz returned to MMA after almost two years away and picked up an impressive win over the Bellator champion, albeit the middleweight champion.

Ortiz took Alexander Shlemenko down early, secured an arm triangle, and choked the champion unconscious. At the post fight-press conference, he put the light heavyweight division on notice:

“I just think God put me on this earth as a tool,” Ortiz said. “I’m not really a religious person, but I believe that being a tool, I show people that they can achieve things if you set your mind to things. I’ve done these things.

“And I just look at it, this fight, was already won before Shlemenko even called me out. This was supposed to happen. All this, that I’m living right now, is all pre-played out. I’m just living it the way it should be done. I’m just very thankful. I’m just living the American dream. I had nothing, and now, I pretty much have everything.”

Ortiz thanked his new girlfriend, former UFC ring card girl Amber Nicole Miller, saying “it’s nice to feel loved, and still feel needed” in a not so subtle reference to his fiery breakup with ex-wife Jenna Jameson. The fighter spoke about being a single dad and said he was in heaven after seven years of hell.

“When I go home and I take care of my kids and I train my ass off, I’m a dangerous person, and I’ll kick any one of these light heavyweight’s asses. ‘Rampage,’ that includes you, too.”

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dirtydeath site profile image  

5/19/14 6:24 PM by dirtydeath

Tito beats a couple of middle tier fighters and then everyone has to smell his farts. So lame the way he goes on and on in his speech hogging the spotlight.

HULKSMASH site profile image  

5/19/14 2:05 PM by HULKSMASH

Tito is a tool. Got it.

Nexuscrawlers site profile image  

5/19/14 1:43 PM by Nexuscrawlers

He had to put on weight to get that high. He typically walks around at 190 or so. Usually cuts less than 10lbs, closer to 5

Horace.P.McTitties site profile image  

5/19/14 12:33 PM by Horace.P.McTitties

Hey, why don't I just go eat some hay, make things out of clay, lay by the bay? I just may! What'd ya say?

tom gunning site profile image  

5/19/14 11:36 AM by tom gunning

FYI, Schlemenko weighed in at 202. He's about as much of a "natural" WW as Anthony Johnson.

Acecool72 site profile image  

5/19/14 7:46 AM by Acecool72

No even jimmy smith said Alexander doesn't cut any weight to make 185 so it's not a stretch to think if he did cut weight he could make 170 a lot of your European fighters don't cut weight

Ramsey site profile image  

5/19/14 7:42 AM by Ramsey

I heard Tito was looking for a Shamrock to call out! Greatest welterweight, i mean middleweight, I mean light heavyweight....of the night!

BreakALegAndy! site profile image  

5/18/14 11:56 PM by BreakALegAndy!

Natural Welterweight? So the Bellator 185 lb champ weighs in at 170 ish? If anything I would think he's a natural 205'er who cuts to 185.

yamatosoul site profile image  

5/18/14 10:28 PM by yamatosoul

Way too much BIG talk coming from a gigantic LHW who just choked out a natural WW....and I really don't care for either fighters (they're both insignificant in the current MMA landscape).

MattyJ site profile image  

5/18/14 7:33 PM by MattyJ

Good for Tito fuck the haters