Twitter reacts to Rampage vs. King Mo


Quinton "Rampage" Jackson earned a controversial decision win over Muhammed "King Mo" Lawal Saturday night at Bellator 120, despite Lawal score a number of takedowns, controlling his opponent on the ground, and on the fence.

Afterwards, an irate Lawal directed anger at Bellator founder and CEO Bjorn Rebney.

"Bjorn, you know what's up man," said Lawal. "Ya dick riding ass you know I won that fight, cut me if you don't like it!"

Lawal and Rebney later sorted out their differences, and Jackson showed a commendable degree of restraint, offering a respectful assessment of the fight, and calling for a rematch, this time in Lawal's hometown.

Reactions on Twitter went back and forth.

Daniel Cormier @dc_mma
•@KingMoFH king won!
•Complete bullshit!
•It's MIXED MARTIAL ARTS! not kickboxing or boxing.
•@BellatorMMA sucks they are cheaters.

Chris Clements @menaceclements
YES. There is an MMA god.

Heidi Fang @HeidiFang
Ridiiculous judging. I'm just blown away.

TJ Grant @TJ_Grant
•Lawal is boring
•I'm happy with that decision.

Steven Marrocco @MMAjunkieSteven

Shawn Bunch @BunchTheGreat
Bullshit ass decision my brother won that fight smh

Mike Brown @mikebrownmma
Scoring not necessarily bad but a little weird tonight. They were heavily favoring strikes over wrestling. It's usually the exact opposite.

Adam Martin @MMAdamMartin
I had Mo winning 29-28. Competitive fight for sure but Mo controlled where the fight took place. @mmadecisions

Brett Cooper @BrettCoopermma
What a load of s---. You've got to be kidding

RyanMartinez @970King
Bulls--- @BellatorMMA f--- that s---. @MikeKogan wtf

Edward Alvarez @Ealvarezfight
Did Mo just accuse Bjorn of "DickRiDING" ??

Yves Edwards @thugjitsumaster
Hey @BjornRebney I don't think @KingMoFH is very fond of you. #OldDickRidingAss

TyroneSpong @Tyrone_spong
Hahahahhaha I'm dancing on my fucking broke leg @KingMoFH he just accused @BjornRebney for dick riding with his ass!!!!!!

Roy Nelson @roynelsonmma
Ugly fight but @kingmofh when my hand gets better we will be fighting for the @bellatormma championship


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touch site profile image  

11/27/14 11:44 AM by touch

ttt for this fucking dick-ridin ass!

Micha3l_Kn1ght site profile image  

5/19/14 9:13 PM by Micha3l_Kn1ght

Wow nothing but drama filled this card both before and after.. Lame

McSlugga site profile image  

5/19/14 9:09 PM by McSlugga

"Ya dick riding ass you know I won that fight, cut me if you don't like it!"

NiteProwleR site profile image  

5/19/14 6:51 PM by NiteProwleR

hilarious thread ensues hilarity

DJmixmasterMobbie site profile image  

5/19/14 5:51 PM by DJmixmasterMobbie


SRTGEO site profile image  

5/19/14 5:12 PM by SRTGEO

Video down...copyright BS.

touch site profile image  

5/19/14 4:31 AM by touch

Roy corners Mo

daddy N0 site profile image  

5/19/14 4:28 AM by daddy N0

"Ya dick riding ass you know I won that fight, cut me if you don't like it!"(All this c&p and newfags still can't triforce like the oldfags)

SimbaSpice site profile image  

5/19/14 4:25 AM by SimbaSpice

Would also like answers on this.

KING Stannis Baratheon site profile image  

5/19/14 4:21 AM by KING Stannis Baratheon

Just goes to show that meds do work wonders.