White addresses Diaz brothers situations


Nick and Nate Diaz are two of the most polarizing figures in mixed martial arts, and their public spats with the UFC are very publicized. At a media scrum prior to UFC 173, Dana White addressed a lot of the issues with both brothers:

“I said it to you guys 50,000 times – if Nate Diaz doesn’t want to fight for the next three years, he doesn’t have to fight,” White said. “You can’t force a guy to fight. He came in, signed the contract, and was happy about his contract. But it’s always the same thing with the Diaz brothers – ‘I didn’t know what I was doing and I didn’t know anything about anything,’ and ‘I don’t know how to do this and I don’t know how to do that.’ OK. Nick is, what, 31, 32 (years old)? And Nate’s a couple years younger than him? What do you do? They’re grown men.

“But Nick is retired. He’s made it very clear that he’s retired. But [the Brown offer] was me responding to Nate saying, ‘I want to fight Matt Brown.’

“We kept offering Nick Diaz fights, and Nick said, ‘I’m retired; I don’t want to fight.’ When he’s ready to fight, he’ll let me know. That’s what everybody doesn’t understand – you don’t want to fight, OK, don’t fight. But you can’t take up a top-10 ranking if you’re not fighting.”

“If it was a knee-jerk reaction (to remove Diaz from the rankings), I’d tell you,” White said. “It’s not like I’m going to sit here and say, ‘This is the way we run the rankings.’ I don’t dislike Nate Diaz. I never have, and I don’t see a situation where I ever will. It’s just that the guy doesn’t want to fight. If he doesn’t want to fight, how’s it any skin off my back? We’ve got tons of guys who want to fight. When Nate Diaz is ready to fight, he’ll let me know.

“But they want to jump in strategically (and say), I’ll take this fight, or I’ll take a fight at 170, or I’ll take a title shot, give me a title shot. You won one fight in your last three fights. You don’t just jump in and take a title shot. I know the Diaz brothers are fun – I like watching them fight, too. I like watching them do their thing; I like all the things that you and the fans like about the Diaz brothers. But they can’t just jump in whenever they want to and jump over all these other guys that are active and fighting all the time.”

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CindyO site profile image  

5/25/14 6:39 PM by CindyO

Is Chael benching himself and trying to cherry pick fights? You really don't see a difference?Cindy

rockfists site profile image  

5/25/14 6:16 PM by rockfists

Although that had NOTHING to do with my point, mma also has a lot of fucking belts. One, Bellator, WSOF, UFC, and a bunch of Indian reservation leagues. The problem is, they can't be unified.Thanks for adding to my point.

epwar site profile image  

5/25/14 4:50 PM by epwar

So you're just going to ignore the words that came out of Nate Diaz's mouth?

Silverball site profile image  

5/25/14 4:42 PM by Silverball

^^ From MMAMANIA.com:Nate Diaz: $30,000 ($15,000 to show, $15,000 to win)Gray Maynard: $45,000Diaz def. Maynard via technical knockoutFrom MMAJUNKIE.com:Diaz, who posted a first-round TKO victory, earned $15,000 to show and an additional $15,000 as a win bonus. Although he could have earned additional undisclosed money, the public figures are peculiar for a veteran fighter who just completed his 19th career UFC bout.From Wikipedia: Knockout of the night: Nate Diaz $50k

yabadaba site profile image  

5/24/14 9:52 PM by yabadaba

Nate received $60,000 (show) + $60,000 (win) + $50,000 (KO of the night) = $170,000 for his win over Maynard.

Intergalactic site profile image  

5/24/14 8:33 PM by Intergalactic

"and even then some of you (and sometimes Dana) will claim he was paid more than what was reported in the press. "What's funny is that Nate is one of those guys who claim he was paid more than that. What a lying piece of shit.

Pghreal412 site profile image  

5/24/14 7:43 PM by Pghreal412


Silverball site profile image  

5/24/14 7:36 PM by Silverball

15/15 is what he was paid for his win over Maynard, i.e. his most recent fight. Allegedly his contract was renegotiated since then, but he has yet to fight since that supposed renegotiation took place. So that means we don't really know what Nate (or any UFC fighter) actually makes until it's announced after his next fight, and even then some of you (and sometimes Dana) will claim he was paid more than what was reported in the press.

Aleksandra Albus Gstring site profile image  

5/24/14 12:24 PM by Aleksandra Albus Gstring

His not on 15/15, can't believe people still believe this...

Jimmy Wrassler site profile image  

5/23/14 6:50 PM by Jimmy Wrassler

Got em for ya