Diaz: I don't want to fight Matt Brown


Matt Brown said in an interview he would love a legendary fight with Nick Diaz. Nate Diaz responded saying he would love a fight, and Dana White said he would only entertain a fight with Nick Diaz versus Matt Brown, not Nate Diaz. However, we finally hear what Nick Diaz thinks of the idea:

"They want me to fight Matt Brown but I like Matt Brown," Diaz said. "I love the guy. He's a hard worker."

Diaz added that he is not looking to pick fights against UFC competitors, and that he loves any athlete that walk along the same path that he once did.

"I'm not trying to fight nobody. I don't want no trouble (smiles.) I just want to do something big if I do anything at all. I'm not trying to hate on nobody.  I love everybody that works towards what I was working towards.

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DYNO site profile image  

5/24/14 9:34 PM by DYNO

Lol @ enjoying GSP fights more than Nick Diaz fights !!Lolololololol

DYNO site profile image  

5/24/14 9:31 PM by DYNO

THIS ^^^ Dana White has FAILED HARD as a promoter AGAIN...NOT giving us the fights fans want....Charging us $60 for watered down SHIT CARDS with boring , low rent, NO NAME fighters is BULLSHIT.You guys are getting RIPPED OFF BAD.

VitorpeepeetasteStrongTRT site profile image  

5/24/14 9:26 PM by VitorpeepeetasteStrongTRT

He doesn't want to fight anymore, obviously. That's why he wants so much money to come back. I don't think he believes it's worth it anymore, especially now that he has some money.

DYNO site profile image  

5/24/14 9:22 PM by DYNO

I know waaaay too many MISERABLE rich people personally, sorry...and some genuinely happy not so rich folks as well...You're either happy and at peace with yourself and life or not...money compliments it if you are...money won't fix it or fullfill you if you're not. You sound pretty shallow though.

Intergalactic site profile image  

5/24/14 9:19 PM by Intergalactic

So, you can't think of one thing. I rest my case.

House Boru site profile image  

5/24/14 9:16 PM by House Boru

thats cute with the homo cracks. youre brilliant. zero likelihood that your legitimate dink craving is shining through (not that theres anything wrong with that). what has Nick Diaz done? go fucking google it. you even asking that question guarantees its a waste a fucking time telling you. which is surprising with you giving Fedor status. im assuming that would fuck up your go to "anything done outside the ufc is a joke" zinger. you probably wouldnt have gotten that contradiction so i probably should have just let you go right ahead.

Knockoutimus site profile image  

5/24/14 9:10 PM by Knockoutimus

Fuckin idiot... He has moved on, but the media who keeps asking him about them haven't.

Intergalactic site profile image  

5/24/14 9:04 PM by Intergalactic

Being delusional, as usual. He thinks he deserves unlimited title shots.

crazydave site profile image  

5/24/14 9:00 PM by crazydave

"... Diaz added that he is not looking to pick fights against UFC competitors"   What the fuck is he doing then?

Intergalactic site profile image  

5/24/14 8:55 PM by Intergalactic

Why? Because you want his cock in your mouth so badly? What has he ever done that puts him in the same league as Wanderlei, Fedor, Anderson, GSP, etc? Oh, right... he acts like a sixteen year old girl then flips everyone off. He's only a legend to fat wannabe gangster kids.