UFC 173 results: Dillashaw pulls of upset, stops Barao in fifth


The main event of UFC 173 featured bantamweight champion Renan Barao taking on challenger and Team Alpha Male member TJ Dillashaw.

All week long, all the hype in the UFC 173 bantamweight title fight focused on the notion of Renan Barao as an unbeatable monster.

Thirty-two wins in a row for the Brazilian champion.

Possibly the best pound-for-pound fighter in the world.

Problem was, someone forgot to tell T.J. Dillashaw that he was only supposed to be there for the ride.

In an astounding performance, Dillashaw pulled off one of the greatest upsets in UFC history on Saturday night at the MGM Grand Garden Arena. Dillashaw dominated Barao for the entire fight before finishing him off midway through the fifth round. Referee Herb Dean waved off the bout at 2:36.

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Fight was scheduled for 5 rounds (5x5x5x5x5) - Fight was for the Bantamweight Title
Name TJ Dillashaw <a href=TJ Dillashaw" src="http://img.mixedmartialarts.com/method=get&rs=100&q=75&x=43&y=6&w=90&h=120&ro=0&s=tj-dillashaw-12-03-11-12-54-46-791.jpg" />
Height 5′ 6″ (167.64 cm)
Weight 145 (65.77 kg)
Record 9-2-0
Name Renan Barao <a href=Renan Barao" src="http://img.mixedmartialarts.com/method=get&rs=40&q=75&x=0&y=1&w=90&h=120&ro=0&s=renan-barao-07-17-12-9-19-33-367.jpg" />
Height 5′ 7″ (170.18 cm)
Weight 135 (61.23 kg)
Record 28-1-0
Team Nova Uniao
-TJ Dillashaw defeated Renan Barao by TKO (Ref Stoppage, Round 5, 2:26)

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oranos site profile image  

5/26/14 7:57 AM by oranos

Secretly White wanted Barao to be his Fedor. This is just Karma.

VinegarStrokes site profile image  

5/25/14 5:53 PM by VinegarStrokes

Nick and Nate don't have the footwork and movement for boxing. They would get destroyed.

VinegarStrokes site profile image  

5/25/14 5:47 PM by VinegarStrokes

I am guessing he will land on his feet. He is going to be the most in demand coach in mma now, and rightly so. He took a bunch of athletic wrestlers and turned them into dominate strikers. The improvements to their striking under Bang was incredible.

SQUEEZIE site profile image  

5/25/14 5:04 PM by SQUEEZIE

id like to see mighty mouse or dodson fight t.j. or a healthy cruz would be great as well

VinegarStrokes site profile image  

5/25/14 3:59 PM by VinegarStrokes

I know it was exciting but it wasn't fight of the year. It was upset of the year, most improved, upset of the decade and probably a few others. But fight of the year has to be closer than a guy getting beat down for 4.5 rounds. Barao looked so outclassed he never had a moment that made you think he was going to win that fight.

Wasa-B site profile image  

5/25/14 3:52 PM by Wasa-B

Arguably yes, he seemed to take AM and improve them at such a quick rate. Duke Roufus as well but aside from Pettis, his other guys have not made the strides Mendes, TJ, etc have had...

iqwrestler site profile image  

5/25/14 2:11 PM by iqwrestler

Okay Tj I see you Dominick Cruzing Barao, wait till YOU get Dominick Cruzed by... Dominick Cruz!

slimline site profile image  

5/25/14 1:17 PM by slimline

How much did u win?

Another Foob site profile image  

5/25/14 9:12 AM by Another Foob

Well played, sir.

lolll site profile image  

5/25/14 2:42 AM by lolll

is it safe to call bang the best striking coach in mma? i think it is what hes done to not just 1 or 2 fighters but an entire camp (consisting of some fighters i would have called borderline lay and prayers) in such a short time is amazing