Embedded, Ep. 7; White's impassioned speech to UFC 173 fighters


Last Sunday night, the Ultimate Fighting Championship introduced a new Vlog series that takes us behind-the-scenes into the daily life of UFC president Dana White. 

On episode #7 of the 7-part series, UFC Embedded, Dana White gives an impassioned speech to the assembled UFC 173 fighters. Just a few hours before their co-main event clash, Daniel Cormier and Dan Henderson follow very different routines that will lead them to the same place, inside the Octagon facing each other. UFC Embedded is a new, behind-the-scenes video blog series focusing on the final seven days leading up to the epic UFC 173 Pay-Per-View event.

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Nah Dude Fk That site profile image  

5/26/14 5:57 AM by Nah Dude Fk That

Man this would be so much better if it were shot @ 60 frames per second, full HD, and uploaded somewhere else that can handle that in addition to YouTube 30 frames per second capped.

Chuckliddellstein site profile image  

5/26/14 4:38 AM by Chuckliddellstein

You fatherless bastard

Musashi site profile image  

5/26/14 4:10 AM by Musashi

This is an excellent series. Thanks.

Taz Styles site profile image  

5/25/14 12:38 PM by Taz Styles


thesonsofmontana site profile image  

5/25/14 7:34 AM by thesonsofmontana

Sub. Thanks.

Ram Rod site profile image  

5/25/14 3:34 AM by Ram Rod


newjack900 site profile image  

5/25/14 1:50 AM by newjack900

Taz always comin through. Thanks bro keep the good shit comin. I appreciate it

Taz Styles site profile image  

5/25/14 1:24 AM by Taz Styles


CindyO site profile image  

5/24/14 9:31 PM by CindyO

Loved the pep talk! Love me some DC but WWWWWAAAAAARRRR Hendo!!!   Cindy

Sakuraba belt site profile image  

5/24/14 9:27 PM by Sakuraba belt

Every time I hear DW give one of these big speeches to fighters, I cant help but remember that time on TUF 1 after Bobby Southworth lost a decision or something.DW comes in to the locker room to try and give him this pep talk and Bobby basically told him to fuck off and go away, and so then DW got all pissy at him. Funny stuff.