Twitter reacts to T.J. Dillashaw vs. Renan Barao


You don't know what is going to happen in mixed martial arts, which is why you have the fight.

Renan Barao had not lost since his very first fight nearly ten years ago. Some people felt he was the best pound for pound fighter in the sport. T.J. Dillashaw was the #4 ranked bantamweight, and few predicted he would win. With 8 to 1 odds, if they really believed, they made a lot of money.

Because Saturday night at UFC 173, Dillashaw utterly dominated Barao with elusive footwork and powerful shots. Most fighters fight in either an orthodox or a southpaw stance. A few people can comfortably switch between the two. Dillashaw appeared comfortable in about 180 degrees of different stances.

"That was the greatest performance I have ever seen in my life!" said Joe Rogan, as transcribed by MMAMania. "You surpasses all expectations tonight with this performance. This was just … stunning…. This was incredible…. T.J., this is one of the finest performances I have ever seen. The best performance — I’ll say it right now — this is the most spectacular performance I have ever seen against a guy in Barao who is easily one of the best pound-for-pound fighters on the planet. Congratulations on just a masterful work tonight. It was an honor calling this fight. Thank you very much, brother."

 Ben Fowlkes ‏@benfowlkesMMA
Imagine the victory party at Alpha Male if Dillashaw wins this. Bunch of shirtless little guys, drunk off a beer apiece, just going nuts.

Cub Swanson @CubSwanson
I feel like an upset is coming

Joey Oddessa ‏@MMAOdds
well..let's shock the world got nothing to lose with the Brazilian's weeks of drama in your favor..

Marcelino Evil @KCBanditMMA

Dylan Andrews @dylanthevillian

Derek Brunson @DerekBrunsonMMA
This looks like an episode of bully beatdown. Dilashaw is putting in work!

Yves Edwards ‏@thugjitsumaster
Man, Dillashaw just shut my fucking mouth! Um so yeah MMA huh? ‏@bobbyrazak
Speed Kills

Mike Chiappetta MMA ‏@MikeChiappetta
Looks like Barao broke his nose here in the 4th. Well, Dillashaw broke it for him.

Dana White @danawhite
•Holy s---!! What a fight
•8 to 1 favorite!!!! If TJ keeps this going the books are gonna get smashed tonight.

Akira Corassani @AkiraCorassani
Should've sold everything I own and bet on what my heart was telling me... #UFC173 #millionaire

Mark Muñoz @mark_munoz

Marcelino Evil @KCBanditMMA
I mean…wow.

Conor Heun @ConorHeun

MMA Girls ‏@MMAGirls
Wow wow wow!!!!!! Great fight!

James Vick @JamesVickMMAWow
just wow!! I'm in shock..

Anthony Johnson @Anthony_Rumble
Woooooooooow! Best performance I've ever seen. I agree with Joe

Abel Trujillo @AbelTrujillo1

Ian McCall @Unclecreepymma
Holy s---! Eating my words about @TJDillashaw ... Well done sir. Alpha male finally has a bride! Fucking amazing domination

Megan Olivi ‏@MeganOlivi
Team Alpha Male stays true to their #NoShirtNation creed

MMA Roasted ‏@MMARoasted
Team Alpha Male is walking around like they are 5 feet tall. #UFC173

Jeff Wagenheim SI ‏@jeffwagenheim
That is how you win a championship. Dillashaw was up, four rounds to none, and didn't coast in the fifth. He took out Barao, took the belt. ‏@MMAFighting
And on Duane Ludwig's last night as head coach, he and Team Alpha Male win their first UFC title.

Conor Heun @ConorHeun
Dwane Ludwig. That is all.

Bas Rutten ‏@BasRuttenMMA
Who is The best coach on the planet???? @DUANEBANGCOM when TJ would have just moved backwards he would have won, but he chose different!!!!

An emotional @duanebangcom overwhelmed with #TeamAlphamales HUGE upset at #UFC173

The MMA Corner ‏@TheMMACorner
I'm not gonna lie, that was one of the most impressive performances in modern day MMA. Props to @TJDillashaw

Kenny Florian @kennyflorian
Performance of the year ?? @TJDillashaw #UFC173

Dave Doyle ‏@davedoylemma
For Team Alpha Male, this is like the Red Sox finally winning the World Series. The "Can't win the big win" rap is gone forever.

Vinny Magalhaes ‏@VinnyMMA
Wow! I was rooting for Barão, but that was an awesome performance by TJ Dillashaw (sp?). Brazil now has 1 UFC Belt (Aldo). :(

Ben Askren ‏@Benaskren
That makes 6 of the 8 @ufc champions with wrestling as their primary background! #dominant @flowrestling @USAWrestling

Jared Rosholt @JaredRosholt
One of the best cards I've ever seen. ‏@MMAFighting
•Dillashaw:  "That's who I am. I'm aggressive. I want to finish every fight. I don't ever want to go to the judges ever again."
•Dillashaw: "Oh man, I've dreamed it for so long. It's just unbelievable. All you have to do is believe, baby. Believe and you'll get here."


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House Boru site profile image  

5/25/14 10:19 PM by House Boru

trying.. to... resistcan't... quite.. FUCK!me too lol

shin2chin site profile image  

5/25/14 10:12 PM by shin2chin

lol @ Team Alpha Male are walking around like they are 5 feet tall!!

AceAtGSU site profile image  

5/25/14 10:09 PM by AceAtGSU

Wonder if he considers leaving alpha male with Bang

Mertvaya Ruka site profile image  

5/25/14 2:09 PM by Mertvaya Ruka

With that performance Dillashaw reminded me of GSP, the way he used to dominate guys for 5 rounds non-stop.Amazing fight, and looks like TJ has the work ethic/drive to keep this up for a while too.

WeidmanBrokeTheLEGend site profile image  

5/25/14 2:01 PM by WeidmanBrokeTheLEGend

I wanted to pick him because I like him. But I couldn't do it, diddnt think he was anywhere near ready yet. So happy I was wrong

BuddyRevell site profile image  

5/25/14 1:44 PM by BuddyRevell

Hahahahaha fucking classic!!

Jesus KO'd stayrad site profile image  

5/25/14 1:40 PM by Jesus KO'd stayrad

I picked TJ is a few threads weeks ago

DarrenJG site profile image  

5/25/14 1:40 PM by DarrenJG

This is far more of an impactful upset than GSP-Serra. It is not that uncommon to see a semi-flukey strike or submission upset.But for such a supposed mismatch to end in total domination like this was just mindboggling.

6ULDV8 site profile image  

5/25/14 1:38 PM by 6ULDV8

GSP was impressed by his performance.   Very impressed.

WeidmanBrokeTheLEGend site profile image  

5/25/14 1:31 PM by WeidmanBrokeTheLEGend

I think they are on par. Just not as high profile fight. Only person I saw pick tj was yellow, and I only saw it after. People question why barao isnt a superstar, if he was this fight would be given the attention it deserves