White open to Dillashaw/Barao rematch


Prior to UFC 173, Raphael Assuncao was the number one contender, but an injury prevented him from competing and TJ Dillashaw took the bantamweight title from Renan Barao. Although Assuanco is still the number one contender, it's possible the next bantamweight title fight could be a rematch between Barao and Dillashaw:

"I want to see both," White said. "I'd want to see this rematch. Hell yeah, I'd want to see it. I want to see which Barao shows up for the next fight. I think that's a great fight."

Prior to the fight, White had been vocal in his belief that Barao, riding a 33-fight unbeaten streak, was the pound-for-pound best fighter in the world. There was little trace of that world-beater on Saturday, with Dillashaw out-landing him 169-68 and knocking him down twice before closing the show.

Before the fight, the question was whether Barao could ever become a marketable star. Now that he has a rival, it will be whether he's able to make adjustments in the wake of a one-sided defeat. 

"We're all going to find out what Renan Barao's made of," White said. "Last time he lost, he didn't lose again for 35 fights. Let's see what he does after this loss."

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BooZe site profile image  

5/26/14 11:25 AM by BooZe


Tomato Can site profile image  

5/26/14 11:10 AM by Tomato Can

I thought they wanted Cruz to get at least 1 fight under his belt before putting him back in a title fight?

Naderhood site profile image  

5/26/14 10:32 AM by Naderhood

Why not TJ vs Cruz then the winner of Assuncao vs Miguzaki (sp) fights the winner of TJ/Cruz?

Tomato Can site profile image  

5/26/14 10:27 AM by Tomato Can

Rematch makes some sense. I doubt Dillashaw will fight Faber, so there aren't a lot of other possibilities. I guess they can do Dillashaw/Mizugaki or Dillashaw/Assuncao II but neither of those fights are gonna draw a dime.

Damaynevent site profile image  

5/26/14 10:01 AM by Damaynevent

I'm not opposed to Barao getting an immediate rematch because he defended the belt a few times in dominant fashion. What I'm on the fence about is how he loss the title. TJ completely dominated him for 5 rounds and ultimately finished him. TJ left no questions with that performance. I don't believe in this had a bad night stuff. You train for months for one night and if you don't get it done then you just don't get it done. It's not like TJ was a last minute replacement and Barao was caught off guard. If he Renan had a bad night it was because TJ made him have a bad night.

GarlicSauce site profile image  

5/26/14 9:55 AM by GarlicSauce

Surprised he didn't schedule this fight for next week. He already forced Barao to defend his title not 3 months from his last fight, which wore him down and caused him to lose this fight. What a shame that the best MMA streak ended because of Zuffa's stunning greed.

KO1 site profile image  

5/26/14 9:30 AM by KO1

This is what ruins divisions - Immediate rematches.Let TJ and Bararo fight different guys and let the division take care of it's self.The division just got exciting again. Don't ruin it with immediate rematches.

Mark Hunts Pet Monkey site profile image  

5/26/14 8:38 AM by Mark Hunts Pet Monkey

The only people that demand an immediate rematch are those that were emotionally invested in Barao. If you look at it logically that fight left no questions. Did Shogun need an immediate rematch with Jones when he got systematically broken down for three rounds? Why should this be different? Because you just can't believe Barao finally lost?These things happen in MMA.

FEDORallDAY site profile image  

5/26/14 7:43 AM by FEDORallDAY

Immediate rematches shouldn't even be talked about unless it was a close decision.Barao got ktfo plain as day for all to see. TJ should move on to Assuncao

Teamquestnorths step daddy site profile image  

5/26/14 7:33 AM by Teamquestnorths step daddy

Barao by TKO.