Jose Aldo: Certainly I feel underpaid


In an interview with ESPN Brazil, UFC featherweight champ Jose Aldo said that both the lighter weight classes in general and he specifically are underpaid. Recently, Renan Barao claimed he was underpaid (Note: Barao later said he was misunderstood). Do you, Aldo, feel underpaid by the UFC?

Jose Aldo: Certainly I feel underpaid. Talking in numbers is difficult. A fighter dreams of reaching a level where he makes good money. Today I have other thoughts, I have been around the world, I have great insight into this. At the same time that they give business to us, they could improve (pay). We bring millions to the organization's events. I'm a very marketable fighter, and everyone likes to see me fight .

We see a lightweight being paid the same as a beginner. We see a heavyweight non-champion and non-title challenger earning a lot more than us. This situation makes us a little sad, but I have to keep fighting - we can't lose our focus.

ESPN: And what do you think you need to do to convince Dana to give you a raise?

JA: I do not know, man. We kill ourselves in training, we give the best of us to get out there and give a great show, break records for the UFC. We give the maximum, but do not have that due recognition. Now, I do not know what to do, do I need to get inside the cage and kill my opponent? I do not know.

ESPN: Are Americans favored in salary negotiations?

JA: I do not know.  I feel that it can be bad for me, Barao, Anderson, that we are not fluent in English. What matters during a fight is how we fight, not language. We have to negotiate; Dede takes care of that. I'm there to give people what they want to see.

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Wasa-B site profile image  

6/1/14 1:24 PM by Wasa-B

I agree both that its in Zuffa's interest to want their champs/fighters to be big stars but Thacommish is also right that Aldo hardly gets the kinda push that Honda, GSP do. Maybe thats a strategic decision on Zuffa's part because GSP and Honda are proven entities. notsobigmike is also right though that its standard for fan favourites for whatever reason to have more pull than those who are the best. Im not so sure that Tyson and MJ knew how to market themselves rather than they just were marketable based on how they were. MJ was also a son of Nike. Its really too bad Aldo's WEC days were not in the UFC. And that was the premier FW org at the time too.

Wasa-B site profile image  

6/1/14 1:24 PM by Wasa-B

Maybe Jones' recent hold out will help the Aldo's and others....

Thacommish site profile image  

5/30/14 5:04 PM by Thacommish

GSP even if you look at something as simple as episodes of primetime that feature him, he has 4 different series of that show based on him. Aldo has Zero.

Thacommish site profile image  

5/30/14 4:58 PM by Thacommish

"You'd better believe that the UFC is doing everything they can think of to make this guy a star - they WANT people love Jose Aldo and buy his fights."By everything they can think of you mean all the stuff they do for ronda? Because no they dont.

notsobigmike site profile image  

5/30/14 4:51 PM by notsobigmike

You don't have to sell me on Aldo. I think they guy is great. As do most of the hardcore fans.The problem is that hardcore fans aren't the ones who move the PPV needle which is what gets you paid.In a perfect world, being a great fighter and training hard would be enough - unfortunately we don't live in that world.You'd better believe that the UFC is doing everything they can think of to make this guy a star - they WANT people love Jose Aldo and buy his fights.But, at a certain point it falls on the fighter. There have been many successful and beloved athletes in all sports. But when you look at the superstars - the guys who really take it to the next level - they're self promoters.Muhammed Ali, Mike Tyson, Michael Jordan, even guys like GSP. Those guys knew how to market and sell themselves in a way that captured the public's imagination.The promoter is going to do everything they can to sell the fight - but it really comes down to the fighter himself. We, the people, have to care. And not just enough to watch - we have to care enough that we CAN'T MISS the fight. And the fighter himself is the best way to hook us.

ChaosOverkill site profile image  

5/30/14 5:32 AM by ChaosOverkill

The profit margin, the two sides of this are  One side: Dana and the Fertitas are taking more profit than is morally or feasibly long-term justified. Other side: They aren't or they are morally justified to take any number they please/ can get away with.   Simple as that, in ten or so years Dana went from Ducking the mob on debt to garbage bags of casino winnings and drive way snow in Las Vegas, They should make profit, everyone should, how much is approproate is the debate.

Jimmy Recard site profile image  

5/30/14 4:53 AM by Jimmy Recard

Aldo is one of the most exciting fighters to watch, he's explosive and when he turns it on there's not many fighters who can do what he does. It's Dana's job to promote mate, if he wasn't so busy trying to convince us that Rousey is a better fighter than blokes he'd have more time to invest in Aldo and not just Aldo how bout TJ Mighty Mouse and the rest, the heavier divisions sell themselves basically and requires less hype. Aldo is on a how many fight win streak?? Is the promotions ONLY title holder in that weight class, carries cards in Brazil, what more do you want from the guy?? He's done it hard to get where he is now and continues to train hard to this day. So a fighter shouldn't worry about training so hard and should get on all the social media and basically tell us how good he is instead of trying to get better and showing us and talk shit just to hype his fight, even though it might go against his grain, you want him to be fake?? Aldo's on an incredible win streak and has done what no other featherweight has done in the UFC, it's seems he's doing his job the best he can, maybe Dana and co should do their jobs better.

inf0 site profile image  

5/30/14 2:51 AM by inf0

needs moar tattoos, a few charges, something murkan

Wasa-B site profile image  

5/30/14 2:46 AM by Wasa-B

I think the key phrase is "because they can."

Unseen site profile image  

5/30/14 2:42 AM by Unseen

Well first we, the fans and them, the fighters don't even know what their budget is. So it's hard to go into a negation without at least a ballpark figure. I'm not saying the fighters should or should not be paid more, but the fighters don't even know what the budget is for the company as a whole or for fighter salaries.Maybe the fighters are over paid. Who knows because it's not in the best interest of the UFC to release its budget and benchmarking is out of the question because there are no comparable companies to test your market value. Or more to the point there is no real market.Also you mentioned cutting the pay of executives to gives fighters more of a share of revenue and how this could lead to bad results down the road. This theory is only valid if fighters don't realize they are the most essential part of the organization. If the entire production staff quits or is fired they are replaceable. The top 100 fighters on the planet cannot be replaced by definition.