Manager: Silva return likely early 2015, potentially vs. Nick Diaz


Anderson Silva's manager, Ed Soares appeared on Monday's The MMA Hour, and discussed the return of The Spider from the devastating leg injury he suffered vs. Chris Weidman in their rematch.

"He's definitely coming back," said Soares, as transcribed by Shaun Al-Shatti for MMAFighting. "He's feeling good, he's training hard. Everything is good, man. Hopefully we'll see him back. We won't see him back any earlier than the end of this year or, most likely, the beginning of next year.

"There's always a chance (he comes back this year), but as of right now I think his mind is set on fighting at the beginning of next year."

"There's Michael Bisping, there's Cung Le. Even Nick Diaz. Nick Diaz has said he's wanted to fight him before. Nick Diaz wanted to box Roy Jones Jr. You could argue that Nick Diaz and Anderson probably have some of the best boxing in MMA, so we'll see what happens. Like we all know, so many things can change, the landscape of the sport can change so much in such a short amount of time.

"There's not a shortage of talent that the UFC has, so I'm sure the UFC is going to come up with a good plan on who the next opponent should be, and I'm sure it will be a good fight."

Another rumored fight on Silva's return is former UFC welterweight champion GSP. How do you want Anderson Silva's comeback fight to be against?

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Recent Comments »

Wasa-B site profile image  

6/3/14 3:08 PM by Wasa-B

Guys, its a long ways to early 2015...and Nick gonna Nick.

orcus site profile image  

6/3/14 2:48 PM by orcus

Only Nick's fight with GSP, which had endless hype and trash talk behind it -- and of course was GSP -- did a ton of buys. Nick's fights with BJ and Condit did nothing amazing in terms of buys.

Tad Ghostal site profile image  

6/3/14 2:34 PM by Tad Ghostal

I don't think I want to see him fight again but not because of the injury. I don't want to see him decline like Roy Jones Jr has.

GripnRip site profile image  

6/3/14 1:54 PM by GripnRip

Super fight status

Zed Wayne Zed site profile image  

6/3/14 1:35 PM by Zed Wayne Zed

Take my money.Diaz would sustain a brutal amount of punishment from a way larger man, and I'll bet he's still standing after, only reason I don't love it.

Dominique Robinson site profile image  

6/3/14 12:33 PM by Dominique Robinson

They BETTER do this!

xsrg95 site profile image  

6/3/14 12:32 PM by xsrg95

ssshhhhh... no one needs to know that. i would but still

Blipty_Blurred site profile image  

6/3/14 12:31 PM by Blipty_Blurred

This is one fight I would gladly let Zuffa bend me over, rape me, donkey punch me a few times, take my money and tell me to go clean myself up with a dry paper towel.

Lroberto site profile image  

6/3/14 12:29 PM by Lroberto

Fuck everything make this fight happen. Catch weight middleweight whatever. Unfortunately it seems just too good to be true like all super fight talk now a days.

Blipty_Blurred site profile image  

6/3/14 12:27 PM by Blipty_Blurred

Would pay lots to see Nick get taunted by Silva.. Im mean Alot, like $64.99


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