Fedor: I don't support women's MMA


Fedor Emelianenko is one of MMA's most respected heavyweights of all-time and since retiring has acted as an ambassador of the sport in his come country of Russian.

In this recent interview, Fedor expresses his opinion of women fighting in mixed martial arts:

"I respect the girls who defend the country’s honor at the Olympics, in wrestling, boxing… But I do not support female MMA. A woman must be a domestic goddess, raise her children and be feminine. There a lot of different sports which help her in that. But MMA is not one of them"

Thanks to UGer 'touch' for the translation!

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Domenico site profile image  

6/9/14 6:23 AM by Domenico

What the fuck did this have to do with religion,Dickheads.

97B_96B site profile image  

6/6/14 9:55 PM by 97B_96B

Jumbo:What Dawkins and Coyne failed to grasp is that in the major religions of the world, there are instances of similarity in their traditional metaphysics.In other words, Islam and Christianity believe God created the world out of nothing, and didn't need the process of Evolution.The brilliant Islamic scientist/scholar/philosopher Dr. Seyyed Hossein Nasr argues for the Traditional (Orthodox) Metaphics of God as Creator, etc.Here's his bio: Dr. Seyyed Hossein Nasr (C.V.) graduated from Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) with an undergraduate degree in Physics and Mathematics. He went on to Harvard University where he studied Geology and Geophysics, and then completed a PhD in the History of Science and Philosophy.He is a world renown scholar on Islam and is currently a University Professor at GW. He has published over 40 books and hundreds of articles in numerous languages and translations.Here's his lecture against Evolution: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mpMbnyRtHgAHere's another lecture "In the Beginning was Consciousness:"http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oJbASTsjxE8

97B_96B site profile image  

6/6/14 8:25 PM by 97B_96B

Jumbo:I'm watching the interview with Coyne and Dawkins in pieces.Their thesis comes down to this: Darwinian Evolution is scientific fact and the Genesis version of creation is fiction.Well, not so fast. The matter is far from settled on many accounts. In "Genesis, Creation and Early Man" Fr. Seraphim Rose, an Orthodox monk, who received his biology education from UC Berkeley, throws himself into the fray with interesting results, by laying out his debates with some of the foremost experts on the subject. Fr. Coyne and Dawkins act as if the matter is totally settled. Seraphim Rose proves it is not. That the belief in Darwinian Evolution may ultimately require just as much a leap of faith as that of creation in six days, given our current understanding.Here's the book: http://www.amazon.com/Genesis-Creation-Early-Seraphim-Rose/dp/1887904026Better than the above interview is the subject of miracles (the supernatural), which Fr. Coyne touched on in the interview with Dawkins, which defy scientific (naturalistic) explanation because they are supernatural (super-nature [above nature]) in origin.The brilliant Brazilian philosopher Olavo De Carvalo devastatingly explodes the contemporary myth that science can explain miracles. It takes a great deal of concentration to grasp the intellectual virtuosity of his argument in favor of miracles and the supernatural. The Orthodox (i.e. Traditional) Christian position on the Creation posits a supernatural origin of events. That is ex nihilo (God created the Heavens and Earth from nothing). That, in the beginning was spirit/mind and from that came matter. Not that mind comes from the evolution of matter, which would make the effect (intelligence) greater than the cause (matter). But that we are spirits inhabiting a material body.Here Professor Carvalho's amazing lecture with subtitles:WHAT IS A MIRACLE? (Skip to Pt. 4 for the compelling portion then go back to Pt. 1)Pt. 1: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YkKcg92nWbgPt. 2: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_RZLlOqSCXYPt. 3: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ffSs6KW80BgPt. 4: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kOOPb1RJu80Then there is the amazing topic of demonic possession, which opens up a another facet of the preternatural, supernatural and psycho-spiritual: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DEDXYPgsp9MAnd this: http://tinyurl.com/kn8awg5This should keep you busy for a while and open up many serious questions...

Jumbo Reverse Shrimp site profile image  

6/6/14 4:46 PM by Jumbo Reverse Shrimp

I don't have a problem with Fedor's attitude (with the caveat that I can't say I know exactly what he said). It's the idea that you just look at old books without analyzing them to make decisions about how we should live. Having said that, the Orthodox Church is nationalistic among other things and is not the same as the Rapture Nutters. Christianity is varied as it has adapted to may pre-existing cultures.   And 97B_96B, I don't disagree with you as much as it may seem. I just thought defending every Biblical story is more the appraoch of Protestants than Catholics. I always thought the Catholics didn't take the Bible so literally. After all "A bishop must be blameless, the husband of one wife . . . " and all that.

Jumbo Reverse Shrimp site profile image  

6/6/14 4:39 PM by Jumbo Reverse Shrimp

My point is that Father Coyne's attitude is a lot healthier than the Rapture Nutter "God made the Earth in six days" attitude of people who take the Bible literally. And,if you can't get past a view that the Bible is the true word of God, I think an admission of someting like the "Satanic Verses" could be useful. At least it would be better than trying to rationalize a bunch of dangerous stories. I view the Bible as a hodgepodge, which should be ackowledged as mythology and historical fiction for lack of a better description.      

civ77 site profile image  

6/6/14 4:36 PM by civ77

it must be noted that Europeans are typically more traditional than the rest of the world in terms of their gender roles, and most European men are used to a woman assuming a domestic role in the household. that being said, its 2014, and both men and women should not worry about pleasing the standards set by society, they should do whatever they want. at my bjj academy, most women seldom train for very long, as they tend to quit once they get a boyfriend who knows nothing about bjj, and isn't down with them rolling around with other dudes. their only real hope for longevity in the sport whilst still maintaining a relationship is to date bjj guys, which certainly limits their pool of potential suitors.

97B_96B site profile image  

6/6/14 4:26 PM by 97B_96B

Jumbo:I'll watch the video when I get a chance.Your above statements are all over the place. It would take a while to respond and I can't right now because I'm working. The Catholic Church is 2,000 years old and contains over 1 billion people. It's been around a long time for a reason. It doesn't rely soley on the Bible (solo Scriptura) but also on tradition, experience and the Magesterium, and a long succession of greater minds than ours, to comprehend and explain its meaning. It would probably take several pages to get going on your above statements, and this forum, as well as my time, is limited. Some people say they don't believe in organized religion, but they believe in BJJ. Well, that's interesting. they believe in organized martial arts--the best, time-tested techniques--yet fail to realize that likewise, when it comes to authentic spirituality with morals, organized religion has a lot to say about what works and what doesn't. What's real and what's fantasy (like BJJ does about the "best" techniques and ways of doing things).And a lot of what religion in general, and Christianity in particular, has to say is found in the mystical texts and Orthodox beliefs. A lot of it isn't so easily apprehendible to the average, uneducated, corndog-munching person. The knowledge contained in the Bible is figurative, literal, literary, historical, archetypal, allegorical, spiritual, mystical, symbolic, multifaceted etc. You could study it for a lifetime and still only scratch the surface.Then you could begin to meditate and re-read passages with "Lectio Devina" (Divine Reading) and enter a whole new level of understandingj because each diamond of truth is multifacted and throws a spectrum of colors. Then, and this is where it gets tricky--you could begin reading the Bible as an casual observer and then be pulled into the mystical experience of living out, symbolically, scenes or events as a participant. Then, you're really on to something! This is the mystical side. The Eastern Orthodox Church makes no distinction between theology and action--they are one and the same. Because they are a response to the Divine, the response to Grace, supernatural inclincations toward right acts in furtherance of faith, hope and charity and the Seven Virtues. Let's put it this way. When one enters the realm of the authentic supernatural, there is no simple explanation but the immediacy of experience beyond all doubt. Also, known as the miraculous. If you've ever experienced it, you would know it. In general, authentic religion is like a Bell Curve: on the lower west side is the corrupt 5%. Then you have this big middle ground of the 80+ percenters (like you've got in every oganization). The average Joes and middle-of-the-roaders. Then, you've got the top 5% of the upper east side of the Bell Curve, where the real action's at: the saints, mystics, theologians, Popes & towering, historical figures. Then you've got the 1/10 of 1%: the Prophets and Apostles. Then you have the Oceanic figure of Christ, or the .00000000000000000000001 percenters...Just sayin'...

Jumbo Reverse Shrimp site profile image  

6/6/14 3:18 PM by Jumbo Reverse Shrimp

Dude, men wrote the Bible, not God. Abraham's story is one of mental isness. A lot of the Bible sounds like schizophrenic ranting (literally). The Bible is a combination of ancient stories paraphrased and plagarized along with some twisted "Rah, rah, kill 'em all for Yaweh" nonsense some creepy old men wrote down with desiccated foreskins, dipped it blood.  Having said that Fedor's point is not contingent on religion. A lot of people who think the same way I do about religion don't like to see somen beating wach other in the head. Besides, MMA in nowhere in the Bible.   Watch that video of Father Coyne and Dawkins. That's what the learned elders of the Churche really think. They will give Father Coyne a hard time for talking like that in public, but they know it's all alegorical. And Abraham's story is bad story telling. If you want to tell a story about the value of  being selfless to the greater, you don't write a story that basically goes: "Yo, this is God here, go kill your son to show your love of . . . errr, I mean fear of me." "No problem." "Only kidding." I mean really? I remember as a kid being told by Christians how the Bible was so wonderful. Then I read it wondering why they said that. It's bad literature. I especially remember wondering why Mathew, Mark, Luke, and John couldn't pay attention and get stories straight. I mean the Son of God is right there among you and you can't pay attention?   

Prepare2Die site profile image  

6/6/14 1:13 AM by Prepare2Die

In other news Fedor just called Dana to cancel his fight pass subscription.

Sippi Boy site profile image  

6/6/14 1:10 AM by Sippi Boy