Jones: How does wanting to fight Cormier make me a coward??!?


When UFC light heavyweight champion Jon Jones edged out Alexander Gustafsson at UFC 165 in September of 2013, the UFC wanted an immediate rematch. Jones is the best fighter in the sport, and didn't want a rematch, he wanted to fight Glover Teixeira. So Jones got Teixeira, and picked him apart, winning every round on every judge's scorecard at UFC 172 in April.

Now the UFC wants the rematch, and again, Jones doesn't, this time saying he wants to fight the undefeated Olympian Daniel Cormier. First the UFC announced that Gustafsson had signed a bout agreement for UFC 175. Then UFC president Dana White mused that Cormier could end up fighting Gustafsson, after Cormier said he hoped an Interim title would be on the line.

A number of fans voiced the opinion that Gustafsson had gotten inside Jones' head, and that he was looking at an easier fight in Cormier. Given Cormier's record, there is not a single easy thing about him.

Jones took issue with those fan assessments, via Instagram. Then in a repeat of an unfortunate pattern, Jones deleted them. However, Jones is nearing 1,000,000 followers. Deleting something doesn't make it go away.

"Asking for an undefeated Olympic wrestler, Strikeforce champion makes me somehow a coward?" asked Jones. "How about the fact that I beat Gustafsson already? Whether you guys like how close it was or not. It’s my career. Not yours.”

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MichaelMeyers site profile image  

6/5/14 4:43 PM by MichaelMeyers

Great White Hope? Whether he's white, black, green or purple, he's the only one who's come closest to beating Jones. Why wouldn't he get a rematch? Last time I checked you don't get to pick your fights or who the #1 contender is.

MichaelMeyers site profile image  

6/5/14 4:40 PM by MichaelMeyers

Is this guy really 12 years old?

kubzilla site profile image  

6/5/14 1:28 PM by kubzilla

That's exactly what I was about to say, dude must have just smoked a fatty

Alittude site profile image  

6/5/14 1:06 PM by Alittude

Dana offered Jones an instant rematch with Gus and Jones picked Glover, so no it wasn't only those wanting a white hope, and in no way was it irrational.

boneskodaiceman site profile image  

6/5/14 12:48 PM by boneskodaiceman

Many? Who is many? After the fight most media, fans and even Dana said Jones won.The only ones saying nay, were those wanting a Great White Hope to dethrone him. Hence the irrational cries for a rematch. Very doubtful it would do any better in PPVs than the first time.Gus had his chance of a lifetime and blew it. Time for guys like Dan and AJ to get their chances.

MuayThaiMidget site profile image  

6/5/14 12:39 PM by MuayThaiMidget

As a contracted UFC employee, Bones is a whiner and should fight who the bosses decide he should fight. Period.

Fed site profile image  

6/5/14 11:54 AM by Fed

high bones dont give a fuck

NHBDaddy site profile image  

6/5/14 11:07 AM by NHBDaddy


dirtydeath site profile image  

6/5/14 11:02 AM by dirtydeath

Love how yesterdays news consistently becomes the top story on the page the NEXT day. Amateur.

Rummpage site profile image  

6/5/14 9:34 AM by Rummpage