TUF 19, Episode 8 results & fight recap


The eighth episode of the nineteenth season of the Ultimate Fighter aired tonight at 10:00 PM EST and featured a bout between Eddie Gordon and Mike King.


Round 1 – Referee Herb Dean oversees the action. Gordon opens with a stiff jab. King throws a leg kick and Gordon answers with a hook. Gordon lands with a body shot, hook combination. Gordon lands with another stiff jab. Gordon lands a hook to the body. He follows with a kick to Gordon’s body. Gordon with another body shot. King throws a flying knee that just misses. Gordon grazes King with an overhand right. King charges forward with a combination and lands a knee from the clinch. King breaks and the briefly initiations the clinch once again where he throws more strikes. King presses Gordon against the fence. Gordon breaks free and they continue to strike. The round ends with King and Gordon standing in front of each other throwing strikes.

Round 2 – King opens the round by pumping his jab. Gordon responds with one a jab of his own. King lands a body kick and Gordon just misses with his counter strike. King attempts a takedown from the clinch and Gordon shakes it off. King lands an accidental low blow, but the action resumes after a brief break. King lands a straight left. King is poked in the eye on an attempted strike from Gordon. He tells the referee and doctor that he can’t see. Despite his comments, the fight resumes with just less than three minutes left in the round. King shoots for a takedown but is shrugged off by Gordon. King shoots again and briefly presses Gordon against the cage. Gordon fights out and lands a combination. Both fighters stand and open up with more strikes. King gets inside and lands a big takedown, but Gordon gets back to his feet after just a couple of seconds. King shoots for another takedown and Gordon attempts to fight it off with his back against the cage. Gordon drops for a guillotine choke and King fights it off until time expires.

Round 3 – Both men slow down dramatically to start the final round. King and Gordon are throwing one-punch combinations and nothing substantial lands. King shoots for another takedown but Gordon escapes from against the cage. Gordon lands a right hook and King shoots for a takedown. Gordon holds the neck for a potential guillotine but gives it up before committing. King hits Gordon with an accidental eye poke, but it’s not enough to stop the action for more than just a few seconds. King receives a stern warning by the referee. King shoots for another takedown that is stuffed. Gordon reverses position and takes King to the ground. King fights back to his feet with one minute left in the round. Gordon lands a right hook. King slips on a body kick attempt and allows Gordon to get on top. King scrambles to his feet and lands a hard flying knee to close the round.

Eddie Gordon def. Mike King via decision

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BackOffWarchild site profile image  

6/5/14 5:42 PM by BackOffWarchild

This season sucks a giant bag of dicks.  Are any of these guys even going to try to finish a fight?  It's all wall-n-stall, lay-n-pray, and fucking slapfests between guys with horrible standup. Jesus.  I'm done watching.  There isn't a single contender, there isn't a single prospect, there isn't even someone who will eventually fight on the main card of a FS1 show.  It's horrible.

hendofanforlife site profile image  

6/5/14 9:57 AM by hendofanforlife

i feel like these guys are overtraining and not getting enough rest in the day or two before the fight although it may just be edited like that. 

Bry Bry site profile image  

6/5/14 9:53 AM by Bry Bry

another boring fight..for being a #1 pick, the white guy sure didnt show much of anything in this fight..he was supposed to be such a good wrestler but we didnt see much of that...his hands were decent at best..the black guy was strong as hell but seemed to be more of a striker but his striking was ok.. so far, no one on this season stands out..just brawlers and mediocre wrestlers...

raags site profile image  

6/5/14 9:49 AM by raags

Almost every fight this season has been awful. Wouldn't be still watching if I didn't love BJ

lionsoul site profile image  

6/5/14 9:40 AM by lionsoul

Sad to say, but the best part of the show was the BJ vs. Frankie kayaking competition.At least BJ and Frankie were attempting to go for it.

Trejo site profile image  

6/5/14 5:33 AM by Trejo

I left half way through the 3rd. It's all tied up, a few minutes to go and no real sense of urgency from either fighter. Was infuriating to watch.

mmamozza site profile image  

6/5/14 4:43 AM by mmamozza

Recap. Intro, snore, credits.

BUCK53711 site profile image  

6/4/14 11:21 PM by BUCK53711

My eye! I'm not supposed to get fingers it!

Metal Box Combatives site profile image  

6/4/14 10:59 PM by Metal Box Combatives

That was the dumbest face off ever.

Brabatross site profile image  

6/4/14 10:58 PM by Brabatross

Van Buren better get KTFO, and Fields better go see a dentist.