Mighty Mouse through Bruce Lee's eyes


This week on 5 Rounds, Fight Network's Robin Black channels Bruce Lee to breaks down the elite MMA game of reigning UFC flyweight champion Demetrious "Mighty Mouse" Johnson. Black analyzes Edwards using Jeet Kune Do's Five Ways Of Attack:
Single Direct Attack
Attack by Combination
Progressive Indirect Attack
Immobilization Attack
Attack by Drawing

Black is a former glam rock star, professional MMA fighter, and current MMA color commentator and media figure on the Canadian MMA scene and internationally.

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Robin Black site profile image  

6/14/14 6:30 PM by Robin Black

Thanks my friend.

Wasa-B site profile image  

6/14/14 5:06 PM by Wasa-B

Thanks for the VUs fellas. Aww...aint it great when we can talk about this kinda thing together? hahahYeah, as much as im an Anderson and Machida fan, Weidman is the real deal. I think he is mentally composed, he shows that in his interviews too, just comfortable, not overly confidant and it was a huge step up to fight Anderson from the guys he beat prior. But they will have to come up with a diff plan for Machida of course. Longo is great though and also they have Stephen Thomson to train with as well. RE: Aldo/Mendes - yeah, Aldo is def not where he was in running over guys but i think his patience may serve him well vs Mendes. But Mendes is the younger,hungrier guy, Aldo aint that old but yeah, he's been the champ for a while. His tdd and chosen attacks are still top notch though....but it could come down to physicality as well....cant wait!Enjoy Vegas if you do go...

Robin Black site profile image  

6/14/14 4:00 PM by Robin Black

I voted Wasa-B up too. :)

Robin Black site profile image  

6/14/14 3:57 PM by Robin Black

Both spectacular fights because they match up so brilliantly.I'm a big believer in Ray Longo so I'm excited to see what he does to prepare Chris for Machida.Machida is brilliant at patiently making you chase then brutalizing you as you do (see Way 5 in Demetrious breakdown lol). I wonder if Chris is willing to fight this one "boring" (I hate that term, all fights between elites are beautiful in their strategy).No one has really mastered Machida. Jones cornered him and dominated him physically and worked him on the cage in Rnd 2 of their fight. Phil was patient.I believe Chris is the real thing mentally and that he and Longo are strategically awesome. I can see him doing it. You need to beat Machida. You need to find away. Or he wins by just performing the way he can.I think Chris will do it with cagework, clinch, wrestling and elite mental strength.I think Mendes wins. He has the skills and athleticism and hunger.Aldo's body has been beaten up pretty good and that time comes where the pressure of staying on top becomes too much. We saw it with Georges, we saw it with Anderson, we'll ultimately see it with every champion. Being the wolf at the top of the hill with all the food and all the females to mate with and all the status eventually slows you down enough so one of the desperate, starving wolves who've been focusing for years about how to get to your throat gets it done.Pretty good chance Mendes is that wolf, especially with a second crack at it.But, as you can see, both these opinions are based so much more on abstract concepts than technical analysis.And you should always be less confident in those kinds of opinions.Might go to Vegas for Weidman Machida. Such an amazing fight.

UGPTT_Rear Naked Chode site profile image  

6/14/14 3:29 PM by UGPTT_Rear Naked Chode

Great stuff.

FerrisWheeler site profile image  

6/14/14 3:21 PM by FerrisWheeler

This, as always.

Wasa-B site profile image  

6/14/14 3:18 PM by Wasa-B

Robin: who do you pick in Weidman/Machida, Aldo/Mendes?

Wasa-B site profile image  

6/14/14 3:17 PM by Wasa-B

Ah...thanks Robin, i have the Fighting Method series but yeah it does not seem to break it down in that way, i guess my series is pre-complete edition unfortunately. I consider myself a hardcore Bruce fan so it means quite a bit that im learning something new here! And thanks for the props Morse.

morse site profile image  

6/14/14 3:12 PM by morse

Wasa-B Voted up.You just are good for the UG :)

MRG1 site profile image  

6/14/14 3:10 PM by MRG1

For later