Cormier suffered 50% ACL tear, surgery undecided



Ariel Helwani @arielhelwani
More on DC's knee: he tells me he's missing 50% of his ACL and suffered a significant tear in LCL, yet dr not saying he 100% needs surgery.

Undefeated MMA fighter and former captain of the US Olympic wrestling team Daniel Cormier, 35, suffered a knee injury in training that nearly derailed his fight with Dan Henderson.

On Wednesday's edition of UFC Tonight Ariel Helwani related that Cormier recently got the results back from an MRI and that he suffered a 50% tear of his anterior cruciate ligament and a significant tear of his lateral cruciate ligament.

His physician has said the ultimate decision on surgery was up to Cormier. The fighter has not made a decision to continue training through the injury as he did in the case of Henderson, or if he elects to have surgery.

Cormier is expected to get a title fight against the winner of the Jon Jones vs. Alexander Gustafsson, which takes place on Sept. 27.



Daniel Cormier still isn't sure if he's going to get knee surgery.

The undefeated light heavyweight contender has gone back and forth on whether to get the procedure since he suffered a lateral collateral ligament injury in training for his UFC 173 victory over Dan Henderson.'s Ariel Helwani reported on Wednesday's edition of UFC Tonight that Cormier recently got an MRI done on the injured knee, and he recently got the results: There's a significant tear in his LCL and his anterior cruciate ligament is 50 percent missing.

That's not an uncommon situation for competitors like the 35-year-old Cormier, who has spent a lifetime as an elite wrestler.

The 15-0 Cormier, who is expected to meet the winner of the Jon Jones-Alexander Gustafsson light heavyweight title rematch on Sept. 27, was told that the final call on surgery is up to him. He has yet to decide whether to follow through with the surgery or to keep competing with the knee as it is.



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Fryedtakyama owns me, it's normal site profile image  

6/13/14 9:26 AM by Fryedtakyama owns me, it's normal

Damnit. Fighting jones with knee injuries will be rough.

ufc98newb site profile image  

6/13/14 8:32 AM by ufc98newb

I would say it's likely that those guys probably had a higher degree of tear than Cormier, along with the fact that some guys just handle injuries better than others. Look at Sandy Koufax, the dude dominated the last years of his career on an arm that probably needed Tommy John surgery for the last couple years.

RedDragonUK site profile image  

6/13/14 6:25 AM by RedDragonUK

Why would he announce a weakness like that? Surely it would be better to keep that under wraps especially if hes not getting it fixed.Plus if he has to fight a knee worryer like Jones it seems doubly irresponsible bu whomever let that nugget of info out.You can be too media friendly in the fight game it seems

GayGuardMooseSaucy site profile image  

6/13/14 5:13 AM by GayGuardMooseSaucy

My God these UG knee surgeons

Stan Wang site profile image  

6/13/14 5:12 AM by Stan Wang

your second paragraph is completely false.your first paragraph doesn't make sense, so i can't tell if its false or not.

Stan Wang site profile image  

6/13/14 5:10 AM by Stan Wang

you clearly don't know how much of a "knee problem" that is. i have partially torn an already reconstructed ACL, i now have 30-50% left. after the acute trauma calms down, i.e. the swelling, slight instability, and pain it isn't much of a problem. the biggest issue is that is more likely to tear completely with significant stress.

Y2JB site profile image  

6/13/14 4:56 AM by Y2JB

Yeah cause it's not like they're trying to beat each other senseless for money or anything.

PhuckfaceMcGee site profile image  

6/13/14 4:26 AM by PhuckfaceMcGee

Yeah Cormier is superhuman. I don't know why all these other athletes have knee surgeries. Even in mma GSP was a pussy for having one. Don't even get me started on Dominic Cruz. There is no way when their knees snap and rip they are just like anyone else. No way.

truevalon site profile image  

6/12/14 3:40 PM by truevalon

Damn, that sucks :S

FreightTrain site profile image  

6/12/14 2:32 PM by FreightTrain