Is TUF 19 the season of guys who don't want it?


UFC president Dana White sat down with TUF 19 coaches BJ Penn and Frankie Edgar, and asked a question he knew the answer to.

"Is it just me, or is this the season of guys who just don’t want it?”

Penn was the first to reply.

“F---ing exactly,” he explained, after a season where to date just one fight went to a finish.

White started in again.

"This season, the first f---ing question I want to ask is, do you want to be here? Do you give a s---?"

Then it was back to Penn.

"It's been a long six weeks of people just laying on each other," said Penn. "When I lose a fight, there's a good chance I'm headed to the hospital. So I'm not going to be in the locker room telling everybody 'sorry' I'll tell you that."

Then back to White, who challenged the remaining fighters to fight hard with the possibility of winning $50,000 in bonuses.

We'll see what happens.

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Recent Comments »

Mark Krumrine site profile image  

6/13/14 3:58 AM by Mark Krumrine

F that as a fighter I'd rather get knocked out trying to be exciting in front of millions than lnp a boring decision

MoneyMO site profile image  

6/13/14 3:29 AM by MoneyMO

If I recall, fighters don't get paid for the fights on TUF. There are finish bonuses (last I heard, they were $5000), but no money is guaranteed, nor is a spot on the UFC roster (except for the winner).You can see why fighters would logically try to play it safe on the show. It sucks for the viewers, but woth such uncertainty, you don't hate the player, you hate the game.

Proteus The Invincible site profile image  

6/12/14 11:26 PM by Proteus The Invincible

I think the structure of The Ultimate Fighter greatly contributes to its own bland matches. With so many fights in such a short span of time, the threat of elimination due to injury is readily apparent, so there'll always be people who make the tactical decision to slow their matches down to minimise damage. In addition, I think the uncomfortable, often hostile environment that the fighters are required to endure raises their anxiety, and as we've seen time after time, nervous fighters tend to underperform in a variety of ways.For weeks, the fighters are isolated from their friends and family, they live with strangers who they're competing against, they train with coaches they're not acquainted with, they have to manage the stress of competing multiple times, and all of that's going on while they're being filmed all day and night. The situation is bound to produce underwhelming fights.

VitorpeepeetasteStrongTRT site profile image  

6/12/14 10:02 PM by VitorpeepeetasteStrongTRT

Most of the fights have sucked but criticism of guys like Dan Spohn is unwarranted. Some of them are fighting smart, not taking damage and getting the win. The close, sloppy wrestling matches are just bad MMA with very green fighters.

Internettufguy site profile image  

6/12/14 9:40 PM by Internettufguy

You can find a sweet deal on sarcasm meters on eBay right now. I even found some with free shipping.

mmabmt site profile image  

6/12/14 8:45 PM by mmabmt

No, it's because guys fight boring "safe" fights to win and get in, but only one wins the show and they don't get a shot. We see it all over the place with boring guys getting cut or not getting a shot...fitch, askren, shields etc...and then guys that were there til the end....leben (TUF) being the first off the top of my head that comes to mindFor the fighters it's about fights...for promoters it's about butts in seats.

JerodR site profile image  

6/12/14 7:30 PM by JerodR

Many fights have become a chess match and not just on TUF. There will always be fighters that bring it, but on the flip side many are trying to play as safe as possible. The risk of being eliminated from TUF do to injury or loss is great. It only gets worse for many when they make it to the UFC. I still wish fighters were paid something along the lines of getting a guaranteed bonus for fights finished. Maybe a bonus equal to your show money or something. Seems like that would be encouragement for every fighter to finish fights.

Devlin site profile image  

6/12/14 7:03 PM by Devlin

This, you could risk it all for a chance at 25K, or you could try and stall your way to a 6 figure contract. I understand the lnpers

Rudi site profile image  

6/12/14 6:54 PM by Rudi

Why wouldnt they play it safe they fight 2-3 times in 6 weeks. Fuck that

Feelz Good site profile image  

6/12/14 6:50 PM by Feelz Good

They play it safe and get the W, I can't blame them, but it's boring to watch. I think this the blueprint for TUF. TUF 21 will be interesting because of the title, but I think TUF is done as it currently exists.They need to revamp the show or scrap it. Even changing how they give out bonuses could help a lot, but they need to do more than that.