White: Bellator PPV did not get 100k PPV buys


During the UFC 174 media scrum, UFC president Dana White was asked about reports that Bellator's debut foray into PPV got over 100,000 buys.

"Reports are that their pay per view did 100 buys, does that surprise you?" White was asked.

"Um, yah shocks me," said White, adding "because no it didn't."

White the mock questions the gathered media as to whether Bellator founder and CEO Bjorn Rebney knew what the Bellator 122 live gate was.

"Did he ever find out what the gate was?" asked White. "No, nobody ever got back to him on the gate?"

Ariel Helwani offered a blunt question.

"Do you think they made up that number?" asked the reporter.

White replied with derision.

"Well, he didn't know what the gate was. He doesn't know what his gate was, but he did 100,000 pay-per-view buys? The guy is a f--king clown, okay? Can you imagine having a night where you guys ask me, ‘hey, what did you do for a gate tonight?' and I was like, ‘I don't know.' 'When will you know?' ‘I won't.'

"It's like, yah you don't want to give out your gate, and yah you probably don't want to give out a real pay-per-view number either. It's like, that's why you guys are asking me if I give a s--- about what they're doing and if we're trying to go the same night to destroy them. I'm doing f---ing two events the same night sometimes on opposite ends of the world. Like I really give a s--t where they are and what they're doing."

Helwani pressed on.

"Do you even know what they did, for that pay per view?" he asked.

White, smiling, replied.

"I do," said White. "I knew the real number before they knew the real number."

Helwani continued.

"What was it, was it way lower?" he asked.

White brought the questions to a close.

"That's their business, you know?" said White. "Like his gate, what was his gate? I mean, that's his business."

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NYjojo site profile image  

6/18/14 8:28 PM by NYjojo

It's the sort of thing where the only way you can get a straight answer would be if Viacom disclosed it when they file their second quarter earnings.

MMA Playwright site profile image  

6/18/14 8:22 PM by MMA Playwright


AlexinTO site profile image  

6/13/14 8:27 PM by AlexinTO

Ask his Mom

Jack_Bauer site profile image  

6/13/14 7:17 PM by Jack_Bauer

Dana White: "If you guys really think we look at Bellator and give a s–t what’s going on or what they’re doing, we don’t."   Ariel Helwani: "Do you know how Bellator did on their last PPV?"   Dana White: "Absolutely. I knew before they knew."    

Jack_Bauer site profile image  

6/13/14 6:57 PM by Jack_Bauer

LMAO this is exactly what I was thinking...

OCMikey site profile image  

6/13/14 6:57 PM by OCMikey

In the hypothetical you mentioned, which is all I'm talking about...they would have good PPV numbers and ratings, genius. What else does a promotion want from a business standpoint?

Chitownjohn23 site profile image  

6/13/14 6:52 PM by Chitownjohn23

As it stands now, no. They don't amount to anything. What have they got going for them as far as talent. They have had over 120 shows!!! What do they have???

OCMikey site profile image  

6/13/14 6:50 PM by OCMikey

"Bellator, regardless of PPV or ratings, doesn't amount to shit."That makes no sense. So if they had decent PPV numbers and ratings, they don't amount to shit?

Chitownjohn23 site profile image  

6/13/14 6:43 PM by Chitownjohn23

Who cares what Dana thinks. Bellator, regardless of PPV or ratings, doesn't amount to shit. Say Bellator was bought by the UFC....how many fighters would actually make any kind of sense for the UFC?4 maybe 5 fighters.

rockfists site profile image  

6/13/14 6:37 PM by rockfists

The numbers are released, Dana doesn't think about bellator but knows all their numbers before them. ... and they put on a show, same night, same city.But wait, that's all Fox, the ufc has no control over their brand when it comes to Fox.Can Dana be any more full of absolute shit?It's too bad our mma "media" is nothing more than a UFC promotional tool.