Dillashaw vs. Barao rematch 'probably' next


Despite losing convincingly to TJ Dillashaw, Renan Barao is likely to receive an immediate rematch and shot to regain his bantamweight championship:

“[Dillashaw's next fight] probably will be the Barao rematch,” White told MMAjunkie prior to Friday’s weigh-ins for UFC 174 in Vancouver. “Tell me if I’m wrong. I think we sat there and we started looking through the list of guys to fight T.J., and there is a list of guys, which is a great thing, but how do you not give it to Barao, the guy who was undefeated all those years? I agree he got a five-round a– whooping and got finished, but how does it make sense to not give him the rematch? And who doesn’t want to see it?”

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MillhouseMMA site profile image  

6/15/14 10:29 AM by MillhouseMMA

But you guys would prefer a rematch with Assuncao instead or something?

easedel site profile image  

6/14/14 5:12 PM by easedel

Dumb. He didn't just lose, he got his ass beat for 5 rounds. That does not deserve a rematch. Gus vs Jones is a fight that gets a rematch, not this.

6ULDV8 site profile image  

6/14/14 3:21 PM by 6ULDV8

Maybe the future of the UFC is every fighter just gets one other combatant for the rest of their career.   Some will be historic rivalries maybe.   Let's run with that.

6ULDV8 site profile image  

6/14/14 3:21 PM by 6ULDV8

Pick your opponent carefully, because it's like getting married.

Bipolar site profile image  

6/14/14 3:08 PM by Bipolar

This.Unless there is serious controversy of some kind, instant rematches are annoying, unfair and obviously arbitrary. It may be good business (though I don't know if it is) but it's bad policy.

RelativeNoob site profile image  

6/14/14 1:07 PM by RelativeNoob

Can't really argue with Dana, but personally, I'd rather see Barao take another fight or two.

JoeHurley site profile image  

6/14/14 12:55 PM by JoeHurley

So tired of hearing people talk about building up fighters and title runs. What you are actually saying is you want the UFC to do what they can to make a certain fighter win. Match him up with cans, worked fights, etc. That's WWE shit right there. UFC shouldn't build anyone up. That stuff goes on at lower levels. If you want shady build ups in order to get a big matchup then go watch boxing where that is common.

Fryedtakyama owns me, it's normal site profile image  

6/14/14 12:47 PM by Fryedtakyama owns me, it's normal

Out of all the stupid rematches I'm shocked this is the one the ug bitches about.

Fryedtakyama owns me, it's normal site profile image  

6/14/14 12:45 PM by Fryedtakyama owns me, it's normal

I'm not saying it was a fluke. But lots of people are. Also the fight was over in the first round after TJ floored him with that bomb. I'm a fan of both fighters and I'm happy for TJ. But it's more ridiculous to say rennan doesn't deserve a rematch then to say he does IMO.

Il Duce site profile image  

6/14/14 12:37 PM by Il Duce

So lame.