Twitter reacts to Johnson's win


Demetrious Johson has solidified his dominance of the flyweight division, tonight defeating the tough Ali Bagautinov. Johnson put on an impressive five round fight, winning all five rounds and now has all five of the top ranked fighters in the division.

Twitter has become the best way to get an immediate reaction from fight fans, the media, and fighters themselves. What did Twitter have to say tonight about Demetrious Johnson?

@KarynBryant: Time for one of the most under-appreciated fighters to go to work: @MightyMouseUFC takes on Bagautinov right now #UFC174

@benFowlkesMMA: Joe Rogan would have us believe that DJ is owning Ali Bags through two, but I wouldn't be surprised if the judges had it closer than that.

@GrossiMMA: The speed Mighty Mouse has is impossible to train for and it's clear in his fights. #UFC174

@MMASupremacy: Cant recall last time a crowd was this disinterested for a PPV main event as it is right now. Random boos, cheers, screams here & there #ufc

@TJ_Grant: I got it 3 rnds to 0. Bag looks unsure of himself. Johnson is a beast.

@jordanbreen: People are legit streaming out of the building to brave the pouring rain. Lower bowl has been cut in half since the main event started.

@BigFootSilva: Wowwwwwww awesome fight...

@NotoriousNewell: Wow @MightyMouseUFC is such a beast. Great technique, conditioning & athleticism.

@DaveDoyleMMA: If you don't appreciate Demetrious Johnson you might want to watch something besides MMA.

@TheDKano: Flyweights shouldn't headline any Pay-Per-View card. Ever. Demetrious Johnson wins by unanimous decision. #UFC174 #TVMix @TVmixUSA

@FightersOnly: Nothing to do with the fight, but could somebody PLEASE shut that howling banshee in the crowd up??!!! #UFC174

@TommyToeHold: Someone is being murdered in the crowd. #UFC174

@ZacyFunSize: Do I have anything derogatory to say about the Champ? Yeah... He's great...@MightyMouseUFC #Rocky2 #UFC174

@billthebutcher2: MMA fans fall in love with any number of douchey, overrated fighters, but overlook the greatness of Mighty Mouse Johnson. Ridiculous #UFC174

@Majik916: According to @UFC, screaming lady is Demetrius Johnson's wife. =X @MightyWife #UFC174 @BricksnBullets

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Powerful DJH site profile image  

6/15/14 8:57 PM by Powerful DJH


Jack_Bauer site profile image  

6/15/14 8:03 PM by Jack_Bauer

haha didn't hear about this. Hilarious if true.

tecknowledge site profile image  

6/15/14 3:42 PM by tecknowledge

i love how KarynBryant says DJ is under appreciated. when he was already champ, didnt she do an interview with him and didnt even know his name then DJ called her out. gold.

JeffersonDArcyChoke site profile image  

6/15/14 1:35 PM by JeffersonDArcyChoke

Boxing fans never cared about Ricardo Lopez who was one of Tyson's favorites. Finito was a bad ass who knocked guys out. But he fought at 105 lbs and flyweight. Pound for pound Lopez was as dangerous as Tyson and his nickname was because he finished guys. Lopez wasn't exactly a PPV star nor was he a HBO star. It totally had a lot to do with weight classes. Even in boxing, Pacquiao became a superstar once he was nearing welterweight. Prince Naseem Hamed should have been a Mayweather type at 126 lbs. It took special circumstance of fighting Barrera to even get on PPV. Only Barrera vs Morales got casuals to care because they went to war and even that was a HBO fight and not PPV. It's a hard road for a 125 lb UFC champ especially if he isn't finishing guys.

Wasa-B site profile image  

6/15/14 1:24 PM by Wasa-B

Most boxing fans dont box still appreciate boxing skill. Its also not the little things imo, fundamental skills are what make any sport and are normally appreciated by fans in other sports. The World Cup is on right now and everyone appreciates the passing, the touches, the control, etc. Even the hooligans dont expect 5 goals in the first 20 minutes.

tito fett site profile image  

6/15/14 11:07 AM by tito fett

I hope that once Dana goes, UFC starts fresh. Gets rid of the Women and the lighter classes except maybe 145, and does something to get the UFC back to the excitement and hype that it was during the Chuck/Randy era. Now that GSP and Andy are gone for the moment there's not feeling of hype anymore.

Kemics site profile image  

6/15/14 10:21 AM by Kemics"Not a true MMA fun" A logical fallacy with it's own wikipedia page... I'll happily watch the 125 fights, but I thought this fight was boring. I think for me it's because of the scrambles. For whatever reason, it seems almost impossible to maintain top control at 125, so if someone shoots for a big take down. Seconds later they're up again. Just kind of makes the whole thing seem pointless?

ThickS0lid N Right site profile image  

6/15/14 10:09 AM by ThickS0lid N Right

Fuckin this man!!! Dj is an animal... Love his fights. Plus the front seats aren't typically the real fans... VU's when I can

Yussarian site profile image  

6/15/14 9:59 AM by Yussarian

And I hear this mostly in defense of Mighty Mouse, if you don't like him, you are not a fan of MMA. Is this really true? It's just not much of an argument. If you're a fan, I wouldn't argue that, how can you? But if you're not a fan, you're deemed a "Casual" or you should watch something else. It appears, many people decided just that when they left early from the arena.

andrewwarner site profile image  

6/15/14 9:31 AM by andrewwarner

I am very much a fight fan and I "appreciate" dj's skills. I also found his fight last night very boring. It is about what I expect from a different fight now though. Similar to when gsp was making people look like sub-par sparring partners in every fight.